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Your satisfaction is our priority. We pledge outstanding customer service and fast response to all orders and questions; always within 24 hours.
In addition, we guarantee the authenticity of each of our items! We carefully research and photograph every item and guarantee each one to be "as described or better".
We treat my customers the same way I would like to be treated - respectfully and with good humor.
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About Us
Antiques are our passion and we travel everywhere in France looking for the wonders from the French past. All our treasures will take you into French history and past. Our items had passed through generations and will certainly continue with you. We bring French furnitures that will mix easily with any interior inspiration and will give an exquisite French touch. You can also expect to find unique and rare fine antiques that come directly from Château in France, especially from the Loire Valley where we are located. You will find a plethora of museum quality antique pieces, sculptures, bronzes, porcelain figurines, majolica such as Longchamp, Chantilly, Gien, Edouard Gilles, carved architectural wood panel and a large gorgeous selection of fine antiques. Our articles were treasures and they will remain treasures that you will proudly pass down to your family as an œuvre d'art, they will only increase in value. We love Art, we love Antiques, we love to "truffle" for delightful finds and we love to share.

We offer a LAYAWAY plan, we encourage you to contact us for any information you may need. We will be more than happy to arrange it. Our items are send to you from France and insurance is included in the shipping cost.

" La vie imite l'art, bien plus que l'art n'imite la vie. " Oscar Wilde.
" Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life."

" Il n'y a qu'un art, qui est l'art de vivre. " Jean Giraudoux.
" There is only one art, which is the art of living."

" Lorsqu'une oeuvre semble en avance sur son époque, c'est simplement que son époque est en retard sur elle. " Jean Cocteau.
" When a work appears to be ahead of its time, It is only the time that is behind the work."

" En art comme en amour, l'instinct suffit. » Anatole France.
"In art as in love, instinct is enough."

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