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Sam Welson, Holyoke MA
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since 2019

Buying and selling interesting items that I personally enjoy!

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About Us
Gabriel's Marketplace is named after my father and my son who share GABRIEL as their middle name.

I am retired and my wife and I enjoy going to auctions, estate sales, and stores where individuals set up booths to sell items they've collected that they no longer have room for in their lives. We enjoy buying things that intrigue or interest us, and enjoy taking things home to research the history and learn about the items, and display and share them with our friends.

But alas we only have so much room to store and display things, so as we find new treasures, we try to sell some of the ones we already have to make room and give us a little money to continue the cycle. We hope you enjoy looking at some of the items we enjoyed. Thanks for looking. And thanks for buying them, if you decide to do so.

Sam Welson