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About FrenchModeVintique

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Excellent client service is very important to us. We are proud of our reputation for integrity and aim to be responsive and helpful to all our visitors.
About Us
My store is an outlet for my passion for antique mannequins, clothing and decorative items from La Belle Epoque to the 1930s with a smattering of mid century thrown in! I buy items that I fall in love with and share them with like minded people all over the world.

How did I get started?

When my mannequin collection started taking over my home, I had to find a solution, or simply stop buying rare and beautiful pieces that I wanted to own. As any collector will tell you, older, rarer or more beautiful models, are impossible to resist. The only thing to do was to share my passion with others! Friends often asked me to find a similar mannequin for them, that's how FrenchModeVintique began.

What do I sell?

Period clothing and mannequins go together and so what started just for my own pleasure is now shared with loyal clients who buy regularly, as well as like minded people all over the world who share my taste in Belle Epoque workmanship and style. Whether it is for everyday wear or a special occasion, I love finding just the right match for your particular needs.

Who are my clients?

Museums, celebrities, film companies and designer fashion houses are all included in my client list nowadays. I could never have dreamed back in 2013 that I could make my passion my job!

How long have I been in business?

I have been selling since 2009 and have had a presence on-line for five years.

What our clients say about us:

Breathtaking! Striking! Jaw droppingly beautiful very ethereal more stunning in real life photos do not do it justice! Super seller just wonderful to deal with I highly recommend this seller & thank you for packing my beautiful Chloe so well she is pure perfection! ♡♡♡♡

I am so happy with my purchase! Can't wait to buy more from your little boutique. A ++++ seller and wonderful to deal with. Fast communication, fast shipping and just generally a lovely person. xoxox

A lovely wax flower crown or antique wedding tiara. Beautiful flowers, too. I am so pleased with this pretty little antique wedding item. I also really appreciate the seller's removing the attached veil, since all I really needed was the circlet. Very pleased with the purchase and the responsiveness of the seller. Well-packed and quickly shipped. Thank you!