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Your SHOP DESTINATION for One of a Kind Stunning FRENCH influenced LUXURIOUS Artisan Jewelry!


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I am completely DEDICATED to being there for MY CLIENTS in any way they may need me. I GUARANTEE my JEWELRY for Life and Simple Repairs are Free. MY SHOP is MY LIFE and I consider MY CLIENTS a PART of MY LIFE! THANKS so much for choosing FRENCHEVANGELINEROSE on RUBY LANE!
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WELCOME to MY SHOP and I hope you will FIND SOMETHING that will INSPIRE YOU and SPEAK to YOUR HEART, BROWSE and ENJOY! Just a NOTE for BUYERS concerning Ruby Lanes new SALES TAX POLICY. A few months ago Ruby Lane began charging BUYERS SALES TAX on the items you purchase. So your TOTAL CHARGE AMOUNT will include the TAX where you the BUYER lives. Just a Note about how to make a purchase in my Shop. To start you put an item in your CART, RESERVE it, by making a Purchase Order. This MUST BE DONE, doing this keeps all other buyers from actively purchasing this item. If you have a problem trying to do this please email me and I can Help you with this process. I only allow this Reserve of the Item for a 24 Hr. Period. Before this 24 Hour Period is over you must Email me with your Payment Arrangement. You don't need to pay during this time but I do need a Payment Arrangement letting me know when you will make a Payment. I offer a Generous Layaway Term for my Clients, up to a year if needed. If you make a Purchase Order and do not Email before your Reserve Time has Expired (24 Hrs.) I am sorry but I will have to CANCEL the Purchase Order. I am sorry but I cannot Reserve Jewelry for more than a 24 Hour Period and after that I must receive a Down Payment unless another Payment Arrangement is made with me. I have to do this because Clients make Purchase Orders and then I never hear from them again not even to cancel the Purchase Order. Just a note about the RL sales, when I opened my SHOP I was not familiar with the RL 30-50% off sales since I had never actually shopped on this site. I am sorry I cannot participate in the RL Sales. What I do offer Clients is a Generous Layaway Payment Period which most other sellers do not offer, an up to a year layaway period. I price my items very fairly taking into account the cost and time involved and the QUALITY of JEWELRY I offer. Right now I am not available to do Custom Orders if this changes in the future I will post it here in my shop information. This however does not affect that almost any necklace in my shop can be customized to the Clients needs just check with me about the Piece. My SHOP specializes in finding LUXURY ANTIQUES, if you LOVE COLLECTING UNIQUE, RARE ANTIQUE JEWELRY, ANTIQUE FRENCH RELIGIOUS TREASURES or want to start your COLLECTION check out my SHOP. I am always looking to find One of a Kind LUXURIOUS FRENCH, ENGLISH and AMERICAN TREASURES to OFFER in MY SHOP. Here is a little of my history, I was born in NEW ORLEANS, LA. from FRENCH ANCESTRY. My ROOTS are FRENCH ACADIAN and I grew up spending my summers with my FRENCH RELATIVES and MY FRENCH ONLY SPEAKING GRANDPARENTS. I grew up loving OLD, ANTIQUE THINGS because I was surrounded by them here in the DEEP SOUTH! I went to COLLEGE in LA. and HUMBOLDT STATE, NORTHERN CA. and studied ART and ART HISTORY. I Loved COLLEGE because when you are an ART MAJOR the CLASSES required are STUDIO CLASSES and you get to try lots of MEDIUMS of ART to see what you have a NATURAL TALENT FOR or NOT. But My True Love Affair with Jewelry began when I worked at GUMP,S in S.F, they had an Amazing Natural Stone Jewelry Boutique in the Store. And also when I took a Job selling Jewelry at Saks Fifth Avenue in N. O. where I really learned about DESIGN and QUALITY of Jewelry. I always DREAMED of becoming an ARTIST so once I was able to retire I started making and selling my ARTWORK, ARTISAN JEWELRY. in NEW ORLEANS because that was where I was living at the time. Since my ROOTS are FRENCH I especially LOVE FRENCH RELIGIOUS ANTIQUES to use in my ARTISAN JEWELRY and as well I make FRENCH INSPIRED ART JOURNALS. I search for RARE ANTIQUE FRENCH PIECES like EX VOTOS, GORGEOUS PEARLS, BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE and ANTIQUE CROSSES to use in my jewelry. I LOVE VINTAGE and ANTIQUE BRITISH SILVER ITEMS because there QUALITY is AMAZING. I make VERY BEAUTIFUL WRAP NECKLACES made with TINY ANTIQUE FRENCH DIAMOND CUT STEEL BEADS with SECTIONS of PEARLS and or GEMSTONES in the NECKLACE. I try to also find and sell in my work RARE VINTAGE and ANTIQUE PASTE PIECES. I mostly use PEARLS but I do also use GEMSTONES in my jewelry. I recently have added to My Offers for SALE Vintage, Antique Jewelry such as Peruzzi and CINI Jewelry. I am a FULL TIME ARTIST working out of my home. This is not a HOBBY for me but a TRUE CALLING to be And a JOB I DEARLY LOVE! I try to make UNIQUE, RARE, TIMELESS JEWELRY and I would describe my STYLE as RUSTIC ELEGANCE. I spend time in my item descriptions giving the HISTORIES of the ITEMS I sell to better educate the buyer on what they are purchasing. In the Past I have sold my ARTISAN JEWELRY and ARTWORK in THE HISTORIC NEW ORLEANS COLLECTION, and the OGDEN MUSEUM both in NEW ORLEANS. I sold on EBAY for a year selling Vintage Jewelry and had 100% positive feedback. You can also GOOGLE ME and many PHOTO LINKS will come up of my PIECES I SOLD on ETSY and as well as FAVORITED by PINTREST LINKS. I had a SUCCESSFUL SHOP on Etsy for 4 years with over 310 transactions and 113 POSITIVE REVIEWS. I decided to OPEN a SHOP on RUBY LANE when 3 of MY CLIENTS suggested this would be the PERFECT LOCATION for my NEXT SHOP because RUBY LANE sells BEAUTIFUL, HIGH QUALITY ARTISAN, VINTAGE and ANTIQUE JEWELRY. I offer as a Courtesy to my U.S. Buyers FREE SHIPPING inside the U.S.A. however at this time I can not offer FREE SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY. The Shipping Fee for International purchases is $25.00. I ship INTERNATIONAL with INSURANCE and SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION ONLY. Your JEWELRY will come SECURELY and BEAUTIFULLY GIFT WRAP to indulge you the Buyer or in case you are purchasing the JEWELRY as a GIFT to save you the trouble of WRAPPING the Gift yourself! Please let me know if the Jewelry Purchase is a Gift so I can include a Blank Gift Card with your Purchase. RUBY LANE has a FULL REFUND POLICY on this SITE so if for any reason you are UNHAPPY with your ITEM you can RETURN the PURCHASE. I must be NOTIFIED within 3 Days of RECIEPT and the ITEM must be sent in its ORIGINAL CONDITION as it was received by the BUYER. BUYER is responsible for the COST of returning the PURCHASE to ME. But PLEASE CHECK the RUBY LANE RETURN POLICY on this SITE for DETAILS. RETURNS are not ALLOWED on PURCHASES PAID with LAYAWAY TERMS. Since PURCHASES Paid for by LAYAWAYS are NOT RETURNABLE PLEASE be sure you LOVE the ITEM before PURCHASING. I Answer all EMAILS within 24 HOURS. All PURCHASES are shipped out to the Client within 1- 2 DAYS of PAYMENT. I ship with U.S.P.S. and most PURCHASES arrive to the CLIENT within 2-3 days depending on the LOCATION. I EMAIL the CLIENT the day of shipping the PURCHASE to give them the EXPECTED DELIVERY DATE. All PURCHASES must be SIGNED for by the CLIENT or by SOMEONE whom the CLIENT has designated to be the PURCHASE SIGNER. I absolutely DO NOT in any case WAIVE SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION so please take this into consideration before purchasing from my shop. I GUARENTEE MY JEWELRY for AUTHENTICITY and QUALITY for LIFE. If you ever need a SIMPLE REPAIR simply ship the PURCHASE back to me and I will REPAIR it at NO CHARGE to you. All Jewelry should be handled carefully. Most but not all Necklaces can be Customized to the Buyers preferance so please dont be shy about asking to change something about my Jewelry, I am Happy to do it for you! Depending on what the Customization is there may be a Additional Charge for this but normally Customization of a Piece of Jewelry is FREE OF CHARGE depending on what is needed. I OFFER GENEROUS LAYAWAY TERMS to MY CLIENTS and am HAPPY to work with a Clients Budget needs. To do a Layaway the Client should make up a Monthly Payment Schedule according to her budget. Please do not start a Layaway if you are not able to make the Scheduled payments. If the scheduled Layaway Payments are not paid a Refund will not be given to the Client. Since I leave the Client to make her own Payment Schedule I assume she is able to make her payments. I can RESERVE an ITEM for 24 HOURS ONLY and if the BUYER makes an arranged DOWN PAYMENT and the PAYMENT is not made at the end of the 24 HOUR RESERVE I will cancel the Reserve, Purchase Order. My PAYMENT FORMS are PAYPAL, MONEY ORDER or CASH if you live near me. For a payment with a Money Order I must receive the Money Order within 10 days from the day the Purchase Order is made unless another arrangement is made with me. If I don't receive the Money Order within the 10 I may take the option of canceling the Purchase Order. PAYPAL is a SAFE, SECURE method of Payment that protects the buyer, I have myself used it and its a Great Service for buyers. If you do not have a PAYPAL Account there is a LINK at the bottom of this Page that will take you there if you would like to open an Account. Thanks for visiting FRENCHEVANGELINEROSE on RUBY LANE!
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