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Customer service is of utmost importance to me. I respond to all orders within 24 hours; guarantee the quality of all my items; pack with LOTS of TLC and ship the SAME DAY or the NEXT DAY the payment has cleared.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me immediately so together we can resolve any issues.
About Us
It began more than 20 years ago when I attended my first Estate Sale. I was intrigued by all the items but was drawn to two vases meticulously hand-painted with crimson roses and lavished in gold. I bid on both and won both! Then the fun really began as I had no idea what l had just purchased. After searching for hours on the Internet, I discovered I was now the proud owner of beautiful, Nippon vases produced between 1891 and 1921 by porcelain manufacture in Japan. Intrigued I wanted to know more so I decided to join the International Nippon Collectors' Club where I met some wonderful and knowledgeable people such as Joan Van Patten who has published several books about this beautiful, historical porcelain. As an active member for more than 7 years, I was called upon to participate in various seminars held during the annual conferences. I had come along way but still wanted to learn more about other Country's hand-painted porcelain including some painted right here in America. With that in mind, I joined The Pickard Club and, once again enjoyed the camaraderie and knowledge one can gain from such a forum.

Along with my passion for beautiful, hand-painted porcelain, I also have more than 20 years of experience in retail marketing. Those years taught me when it comes to selling, customer service is of utmost importance. Whether you have just begun collecting or have a large, impressive porcelain collection, you will experience the same undivided attention when you purchase from me. I will answer questions within 24 hours; I GUARANTEE THE AUTHENTICITY of my hand-painted beauties - - I DO NOT offer, hand-painted porcelain that has the original artwork recently painted over and then passed it off to you as an original antique. Nor do I offer you new items from Limoges France that are not antique or vintage...verge on reproductions. I see this deception happening quite often today and it saddens me. I pack your new treasure with LOTS of TLC and always notify you when your beauty is mailed. I also offer convenient layaway on all my beautiful items.

I LOVE my porcelain beauties and I enjoy sharing with people who, like yourself, are also passionate about collecting beautiful, hand-painted pieces. So, welcome to my shop! Please, sit back...take your time browsing and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me as I am right here for you.

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