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As a child, I started out collecting rocks and fossils, bugs and butterflies, arrowheads and artifacts, even "jump rope rhymes"... you name it! But, as I grew older, I began to take an interest in my Fathers' and Mothers' passion: antique house hold items and furniture. My home is filled with many of their wonderful finds. Time passes, and they are both gone now..leaving me with the rich legacy of their knowledge and love of antiques. I am now a Grandma and I am ready to begin parting with many of my treasures... especially vintage/retro jewelry, antique's, collectible toys, glass, pottery and folk art.
I come from a musical and artistic background and spent many of my younger years as a touring professional singer/musician throughout the U.S. and Canada, Caribbean Islands, South America and India. Although this may seem to have no relation to my shop, I must say that many learning opportunities and skills regarding antiques and jewelry truly grew out of my fascination with the history and artistic richness of the cultures that I have visited.
The "Fox 'n Fiddle" has many offerings for your consideration. As a seasoned collector, painter, potter, and jewelry maker, I am pleased to welcome you to my store and am happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Marty Meshberg
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