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I offer FREE shipping on all combined jewelry orders of $179.00 or more, sold at listed price and paid by PayPal, in my Fleamarket Jewelry shop and/or my Yifat Aharoni Romantic Contemporary Jewelry shop. Not applicable for expedited or courier shipping.
About Us
Fleamarket vintage shop specializes in vintage crystal beads and pearl necklaces, cameo pendants vintage earrings brooches and bracelets. In our collection you will find vintage jewelry of gemstones plastic and bakelite from the fifties and sixties as well as antique jewelry of silver and metal decorated with semi-precious stones rhinestones and marquisettes. We also offer European antique ceramics, glass, art and collectibles such as Murano and Moser glass, Galle vases, Herend and Limoges porcelain and silver tableware.
Fleamarket Jewelry and Vintage Collectibles shop is a purveyor of the past for the design of the present. We supply our customers with well-cared estate and attic jewelry fashion accessories and collectibles. Not all of our stock is shown in this fleamarket shop, so we'll be more than happy to respond to enquiries and special requests.

I am a professional jewelry and fashion accessories designer with studio located near the Jaffa flea market. You can read about me and see some of my jewelry styles and designs in my Ruby Lane artisan Yifat Aharoni Jewelry shop: www.yifataharoni.rubylane.com.

Since the times when I was a flight attendant traveling to many countries and cities, flea markets and street bazaars have always been my favorite places of visit. Probably not by chance, I live with my family in the historic city of Jaffa not far from the famous Jaffa flea market. If you visited my artisan jewelry shop at Ruby Lane you may have noticed that my designs are influenced and inspired by the junk, collectibles and colorful treasures that can be found at the alleys of Jaffa flea market.

So it was only natural that besides creating my contemporary jewelry designs I began restoring vintage jewelry and collecting special vintage items and offer them to some of my friends and clients. This led to opening a second Ruby Lane shop distinguished from my Yifat Aharoni artisan jewelry shop. Like in the real Jaffa flea market, I sell here special vintage and antique collectibles and jewelry.

Antique and vintage jewelry and accessories are not new and therefore will most likely have minor imperfections, even when the items have been used and worn with best care. I have the professional experience and workshop facility which enable me to restore vintage and antique pieces and offer them for sale with product guarantee similar to that of new jewelry. The guarantee is an advantage to the jewelry buyer granting confidence that the product is authentic and shipped in good condition. The purpose of restoration is to bring the jewelry back to its original beauty and charm, and as close as possible to its original condition. The restoration comprises of professional cleaning the jewelry and its parts, remove spots, replace old strings if necessary, fix loose stones, wash & polish, etc.

Some basic suggestions of how to keep and care for vintage jewelry: first and foremost, if your jewelry is in bad shape and needs restoration or thorough cleaning, better give it to a professional jewelry restorer and cleaner. When cleaning it yourself avoid harsh cleaners such as hard detergents, acidic material, abrasive cloth or hard brush. Use only soft fabrics like eyeglasses cleaners, cotton swabs or very soft brushes and always go carefully and gently over the piece of jewelry that needs to be cleaned. Moisture is bad for jewelry so keep it dry! If using damp cloth, don't soak the jewelry with water and make sure that it is dried thereafter. Storing the jewelry properly is not less important: The box or compartment must be dry. Fabric based 'breathing' storage compartments or bags are preferred over hermetically sealed boxes. Items should be placed separately as possible not touching each other. For keeping the stringing cords in good condition lay the jewelry flat and don't store it on hangers. Last but not least, if you have doubts, it is always better to consult a professional than make mistakes!

Periods that are usually included in "estate jewellery" are Georgian, Early Victorian, Mid-Victorian, Late Victorian, Arts and Crafts era, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, and Art Organique.

Jaffa flea market is a great place to spend few hours when traveling in Israel where you can shop, eat or just walk and enjoy the abundance of vintage and antique collection items and many other stuff. The Jaffa flea market is located in the northern part of the city of Jaffa, which is one of the oldest cities on earth, mentioned in the Bible. The Jaffa Port with its fish restaurants and fishermen boats is adjacent to the Jaffa flea market. The market also sits below the Old Jaffa hill, a city attraction with many art galleries and beautiful Mediterranean coastline view. The market has 3 main streets with indoor and outdoor connecting lanes. It is a real fun market featuring all sorts of booths and shops. Amongst the many stuff, you can find almost everything from antiques to appliances, tools, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes and clothing, household goods, furniture, photography, paintings, medical instruments, fashion accessories, etc. Recently, the Jaffa flea market is becoming a fashion trendy young shopping area with boutiques and shops of jewelry and fashion designers. The Jaffa flea market is also becoming a splendid dining and eating place with many restaurants and bars open day and night. On Thursday nights during summer the Jaffa flea market features the night market fair named 'Pishpeshuk' with live music and street theater performances and young designers and artists showing their works, besides the regular market shops offering their goods.