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Oleg Krotko, Sotrondio Spain

Welcome Finewoodart! Browse my collections of hand-carved wood and home decor, how beautiful and versatile the wood is!

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Natural wood carving: wall art, frames, home decor, beautiful souvenirs, gifts, family coat of arms,

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About Us
For me, woodcarving is not just work or a hobby – it’s my passion and a form of meditation. Every time I sit down to work on a project, I can let my creativity flow and make something with my hands, as well as relax and listen to my favorite music. I’ve been carving since I was a kid, and every day has been exciting and rewarding. I’m happy and proud to have participated in various contests – and to have won first place in 2006 – and to have my work on display at Wood Gallery – a local museum here, in Spain. I’m especially happy when clients and art lovers enjoy my pieces, and seeing that motivates me to continue to create more and better work for all of you!

Can be made in various sizes: from jewelry and talismans to large wall hangings
This collection focuses on capturing the beauty of nature, animals, and architecture.
I am happy to create a custom carving of your city, a meaningful landmark, yourself, a friend or family member for you – a carving like that will be a truly unforgettable gift!

Oleg Krotko.