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Noordwijk , Netherlands

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I pledge to present my items with the utmost clarity and care and to treat customers with courtesy and respect. Packing and shipping will be carefully handled to ensure items are thoroughly protected while on their way to you. I will always appreciate comments on my shop and dealings.
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My name is Patricia Follut, l am French, lived in the United states for 6 years in the 70' and 80' and now, live in the Netherlands. Dolls have been an integral part of my life for as long as l can remember. As a child, l would get up early to sew for my dolls prior to going to school. As a teenager, l earned money selling my doll creations at summer markets. At first they were simple dolls dressed in historical fashions and later, porcelain dolls were created to display the elegant fashions of times gone by. About 30 years ago l started collecting antique French Fashion dolls and their environment. Their beauty and elegance fascinated me and also the fact that they had survived the passing of time with such grace. Having studied fashion costuming since my teens, l was thrilled by the lovely outfits and the miniature accessories owned by the dolls. Through books, musea, auctions, mostly in Paris and Chartres, l learned all l could about them. My modest collection has been well loved over the years and now, it is time to share it with others. So in my shop l will be selling dolls, accessories, costumes, hats and furniture. I hope they will be as much appreciated by others as they have been by me.
Patricia Follut
Waterkant 7
Noordwijk 2203 NT

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