Joyce Atkinson
Bloomfield , NM
Specializing in old dolls and doll accessories Check out my Lay-A-Way Plan!!

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Fantastic, interesting and unique items from when, back when and waayyy back when


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My name is Joyce Atkinson. I live in the Four Corners area in beautiful New Mexico. We are pretty much surrounded by the Navajo Indian reservation.I have been self employed in wholesale and retail sales since 1963. I am now retired. I have dealt predominately with Native American arts and crafts, so you will find several vintage pieces in my Ruby Lane shop. I have also bought, sold and traded everything from antique furniture to vintage glassware and vintage costume jewelry and everything in between! Old dolls are my passion and specialty. I love them all from the lovely antique bisque head French and German dolls to the composition dolls of the 20's 30's and 40's. My favorites, though, are the hard plastic dolls of the 1950's and the early vinyl dolls. My mentor in my early doll collecting years always stressed to me that there is nothing more boring than a collection consisting of only 'beautiful' dolls. Consequently my tastes run from beautiful to interesting and sometimes just plain 'odd' dolls You will find examples of all these things in my shop, as well as many other treasures. I take great pleasure in finding wonderful items to sell in my shop and I enjoy online chats with like-minded people. In my spare time, I run a horse farm where I have American Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds. Miniature ponies and a few interesting donkeys and 2 mules just for fun!
Joyce Atkinson
525 S. Johnson
NM 87413

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