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About Famous Jewels

Our Service Pledge
Our business adheres to the most noble and straightforward business practices. In other words, we say what we mean and deliver the goods with honesty and integrity!
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

“A persons signature is only worth as much as their word”
-Kenneth A. Glasser, DRE
About Us
Famous Jewels (a division of Kenneth Glasser Co., LLC) brings you rare and special Diamonds, Gems, Jade, Jewelry and Precious Collectibles with intrinsic value.

Kenneth Glasser Company was founded by Kenneth Glasser in 1972 as a small Lapidary Factory in Arizona. Kenneth Glasser was always an Idealist and Naturalist, loving the Outdoors and admiring the World's Natural Beauties. With the advent of Kenneth Glasser Co., he was able to bring his love of Nature (and all things Natural) to the Gem and Jewelry Industry. At first, he was primarily cutting Natural American Turquoise into Cabochons. Soon thereafter, Kenneth Glasser Co. launched a High End Designer Collection of Jewelry made from a combination of Turquoise, Silver and Gold. Over the next few years, the Company began importing Semi-Precious Natural Stone Beads. These were both distributed Wholesale and used for the production of a High End Line of Bead Necklaces. In 1975, Kenneth Glasser Co. relocated to New York City, and opened a factory on 47th St. This was the birth of the Glasser Bead Company, Inc. There, the Company started producing and distributing Wholesale Findings, Bead Supplies, Silver, Clasps, etc. At the same time, Kenneth Glasser Co. also entered the World of Rough Diamonds (both Cuttable and Industrial). In addition to Diamond Rough, Kenneth Glasser Co. dealt with the Import and Distribution of loose Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires. Around 1976/7, the Company fully morphed into Cutting and Polishing Diamonds, distributing Rough Diamonds and producing quality gold jewelry with diamonds and gemstones. Since the late 1970s, our primary business has been to supply Natural Diamond Rough of all grades and types for all Industries. Aside from the distribution of Natural Rough Diamonds, Kenneth Glasser Co., LLC has continued to produce Cut and Polished Diamonds and Jewelry. Over the years the Company has built a truly special collection of Polished Diamonds, Rough Diamond Specimens and Jewelry. Also through various acquisitions beautiful Jade & Jadeite Carvings, Beads and Rare Collectible Items have been gathered. Here on this very special platform, RubyLane, we as "Famous Jewels", bring much of our collection to you!

Our presentation on "RubyLane" primarily consists of Diamond & Precious Stone Jewelry, Rings, Pendants, Brooches, Bracelets, Jade / Jadeite Carvings / Chop & Jewelry, "Diamond Rough"™ Jewelry, and more. Many of our items are "Vintage Quality & Rare", made in the 1960s and '70s. Almost all are Hand Made Construction (on every level). A great deal of our Jade is Centuries old and older. We also have some very special Silver Jewelry and various Silver Items.

All Gold and Precious Metals have been test verified for their Karat Quality content. This includes all items that have been stamped with a Quality Mark (such as 18K, 14K, etc.) We are very methodical in regards to our checking of intrinsic composition and published facts. Testing is conducted using various appropriate acids, and when applicable, an "X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer".

The Kimberley Process concerns Rough Diamond origins: We strictly observe it!
All Diamonds (Rough or Polished) presented herein have been mined through our efforts or partnerships, or purchased from legal legitimate sources. All diamonds are in compliance with United Nations Resolutions and national laws. This is based on our personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by our associates.

"Famous Jewels" brings to you the last stocked inventory of Jade Panther Jewelers. "Jade Panther" was a shop in Greenwich Village, NYC in the 1960s. Some of our items are Original One-of-a-Kind Jewelry designed, created and produced by Jade Panther Jewelers. There are other items that, although not created by Jade Panther, are from their select high quality inventory.
We also have many Jewelry Pieces made by Master Bezel Jeweler Jacob Singer. He created these pieces on 47th St. in NYC, in the Mid-1970s, for Kenneth Glasser Co.

Kenneth Glasser Co., LLC has been a member, in good standing, of the New York Diamond Dealers Club Inc. (NYDDC) since August of 1987.
Kenneth Glasser had a close association with Harry Winston Company and has a continuing friendship with his family, as well as with Charles Baumgold (of Baumgold Brothers Inc.), Lazare Kaplan Co., Louis Glick and other Industry notables.

Our Diamond Rough Business has provided the foundation for our Polished Diamond (Diamond Cutting) Operations. We excel in providing unusual, innovative, rare cuts and configurations to this day.

Kenneth Glasser also brought to light the Clarity Grade SI-3 (in the late 1970s) as well as I-4 and I-5, and Promotional clarity grades 1 to 5. His recognition of the need in the marketplace for these Clarity Grades pioneered his research and development of this globally unique system of Diamond Rough and Polished Grading. He also introduced "Diamond Beads" to the global marketplace using laser technology in the late 1970s & early 1980s.

Mr. Glasser developed the content, grading systems and methodology of the "Diamond Rough"™ Education Course for the Trade which has been the “behind the scenes” global leader in training a very select group of Diamond Rough Experts and entrepreneurs. The course became accessible to the trade in the late 1990s.

In 2010, the “Diamond Math” Book was published! It is currently distributed globally by us via mail, as well as directly by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). New distributors are welcome...

The “Diamond Rough to Polished Potential Guide” was produced in 2014. It's a unique methodical, user friendly mini course that can open the eyes and the Business to the potential "Rough Entrepreneur" and Tradesman.

Thank You for Your Business.
We wish you extreme success and to build a "good name" in "The Trade" of all things Beautiful, Rare and Precious...
Kenneth Glasser
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