Handcrafted Pre and Post WWII Hummels

About Family Hummels and More (K&E Montan)

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About Us
The LaCross-Montan mother and daughter (Mary Jane and Margaret) shared their love by exchanging these endearing collectibles. Each one was lovingly displayed at Margaret's home until the day she died. The Montan family would like to share these figurines which were handcrafted before and after World War II. They are each in varying degrees from good to excellent condition. We have decided to use RubyLane as our on-line store until the last one has been sold. Therefore, we are a pop-up shop with no history. The figurines were displayed in a cabinet in California. A bit of earthquake putty can be found at the bottom of the base on some of these. It was placed carefully so nothing on the bottom was marred.

This site will have:
Several photos of each Hummel taken by a professional photographer - Bill Quinby;
The official title/name of the figurine with the corresponding number; and
The trademark based on icon.
We will charge you the price plus shipping which includes insurance. Once it has been prepared for shipping, your card will be charged. When you receive your Hummel, it will come with the shipping receipt. If you purchase more than one, you will be charged for the entire shipment rather than one at a time.