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Hal, Turner, OR

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Our goal is to be able to provide quality items for you to add to your home or collection at a fair price, and for it to arrive in perfect condition.
About Us
"FAMILIE AFFAIRE" is for my wife and myself, the culmination of many years of collecting Antiques, Collectibles and Estate Jewelry. While we were raising our four children, going to an Auction or Estate Sale, whether it was in Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, or Minnesota, always sent us away having learned something more about the beauty, and value of these treasured objects from the past.

After retiring from more than 40 years working in Management of Food Service Departments of Colleges, Hospitals. and High End Retirement Communities, we opened a small Antique Shop that we have enjoyed for the past 10 years.

With a Daughter and Granddaughter joining us in this new adventure called "RUBY LANE" we are excited to continue the search for new treasure as well as share some of the treasures we have found and loved over the past years. Much of the joy in finding these treasures is the knowledge that they have each been loved and cherished by multiple generations before us. So as we find new friends through Ruby Lane that share our love of Antiques and beautiful pieces of jewelry, we look forward to passing on to you these treasured pieces from the past, so they will continue to be cherished and cared for as a part of your "Familie's Affaire' with the beauty of the past.

Please let us know if you are searching for something special...we would love to assist you in the search.