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Eurasian Collectibles is known for their original designs of artisan jade and gemstone jewelry as well as their hand-selected giftware line from around the world. Our artisan jewelry line consists of original pieces that are designed, styled, and handcrafted by our artistically creative staff. When you select and purchase one of these pieces, you will be owning a one-of-a-kind adornment of wearable art not found in any part of the world..

We also enjoy bringing you unique and lovely giftware and collectible items at competitive prices. We are confident that you will be pleased with our product quality, eclectic inventory, quick and safe shipping, and complimentary gift wrapping.

Please know we stand behind every piece sold, and encourage you to ask as many questions about the items prior to making a purchase. We will try our best to answer your inquiries based on our knowledge of the product and the expertise of our supplies.

Recently, we have acquired a sizable collection of Japanese kokeshi dolls that we added to our vintage collectibles and artist dolls inventory. Welcome to the wonderful world of kokeshi and its origins.....

"Once upon a time about 200 years ago, in a land far, far away, a woodcrafter first made kokeshi dolls as souvenirs for the visitors to the hot springs resort nearby. His creation was later made by other artisan families in the village and each artist developed his own signature style of doll design.

In the years to follow, the "Naruko" doll was designed and named after the hot springs village of Naruko in northern Japan. These dolls were made from only two pieces of wood---a round head and a cylindrical body. Each artisan family in the village would paint specific facial features and floral patterns only displayed by their style of doll. The doll heads are "fused" into the neck of the body creating a squeaky sound when you turn the doll's heads.

We have several "Naruko" style dolls in stock to choose from. The extra large ones are hard to come by and most, if not all, are signed by the specific village artist.

Usaburo style dolls come from Gunma, Japan, and are identified by their adorable faces and thick hair with front bangs. These kokeshi are made from three pieces of wood---one for the body, the round head, and the helmet-like shaped hair. We have dolls with black, brown, and blonde hair in our inventory.

We also have folk art or craftsman dolls that depict a day in the life of the Japanese people. Some dolls come in pairs with a male and female doll painted in matching clothing. Others display idyllic countryside scenes of rural Japan. Some dolls have hand written calligraphy scribbling poetic verse, others with farmer's clothing, and still others with scenes of lords and ladies from feudal Japan.

All in all, we hope you enjoy browsing through the kokeshi collection and hope you find a special doll that captures your heart.

If you do find something to your liking, feel free to contact us as we do entertain all serious, reasonable offers.