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Benjamin HERN
Clearwater , FL
My English Rose Antiques, the place I visit to buy history.
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since 2019

We Buy, Sell and Trade A Little Bit of History, One Piece At A Time...

About English Rose Antiques LLC

English Rose Antiques, LLC has been in the antiques / fine art and collectibles business for over twenty-five years. The business originates from New Jersey, and several years ago its owners decided to migrate the concern to Clearwater, Florida.

Our emphasis is to buy, sell, and trade the history of the world one piece at a time. In addition, we also enjoy restoring and appraising historical items to preserve, and more notably, to continue to expand our knowledge and expertise of antiques, fine art and collectibles that only a ‘hands-on’ connection can offer. Why? Because history does matter, and its conservation crucial. Therefore, to us history is not something insignificant and unimportant. What better way to learn of our past than to collect and conserve historical items that serve to remind us of where we have been and who we are, as well show us past errors to avoid, and instill inspiration to what we can become.

And how about this: we view antiques, art and collectibles as ‘alternative investments’. This class of investments we define as assets that are not one of the conventional investment types, such as stocks, bonds and cash, but are still vital to one’s future financial security. Thus, we seek to enlighten caretakers not only about their collection's historical significance and importance, but also about the collection's financial potential. Therefore, we encourage all of our clients to consider building a financial portfolio that consists a 10 percent alternative investment position.

Come visit us often. We will not only continually add new items for sale, but also hope to hear from you and answer all of your questions on how to acquire, maintain and build knowledge of the articles you are collecting or have already acquired. Always know that we appreciate your business, and look forward to sharing knowledge about history and collections, and how we can make this site better for you and others.

Remember: We Buy, Sell and Trade History One Piece At A Time.

We want to hear from you! Thank you!
Benjamin HERN
13243 Faxton Street
FL 33760

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