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Cheryl A. McFall, Sandy UT
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since 2019

Elegant collectibles

About Enchanting Elegance Collectibles

Our Service Pledge
Our commitment is to ensure excellent customer service by treating you with enchanting service and maintaining authentic quality inventory. Any concerns will be resolved with an elegant response within reason and our ability to do so. We focus our measurement for excellent customer service by the percentage of return shoppers we gain.
About Us
Entrepreneurs with a history in corporate and private business as well as property management. We recently acquired a large variety of collections with many elegant pieces and are branching off into a new and exciting opportunity. We only sell items that are in excellent condition and we are highly focused on building a clientele of repeat customers. We currently offer Lladros, Hummels, Jack Black Pottery, Swarovski, Lenox, Josef Originals and several others.