Eclectic Ike

Ike Haldan, Portland, OR

We are on a journey to rediscover beautiful items from the past that deserve a continued place in our hearts and homes.

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An eclectic collection of rediscovered items...

About Eclectic Ike

It’s all in the search. The search to rediscover beautiful items from the past which deserve a continued place in our hearts and homes. Our tastes are a bit eclectic, so you won’t find just one era, style or type of merchandise in our store. But what is consistent is our approach as we seek out beautiful items that tell a story of our past, and bring them back to the marketplace so they can be enjoyed by you and future generations.

It’s fantastic when we find brand name items that speak for themselves in timeless quality, but we also love sharing discoveries from less well-known, or even sometimes totally unknown makers. Our choices are more about what we see in an item, than what hallmark is found on the piece.

We hope you enjoy perusing our collection of discoveries and find something you love.

Some additional business notes…
We strive to be as accurate as possible in our descriptions and representations of items in our store. All items have been researched to the best of our ability and are priced based on comparative availability, or our best estimate of value when comparisons are not available. Whenever possible we will provide documentation and/or substantiation of provenance for items we acquire.