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We do our best to quickly ship your item and personally take responsibility to make sure it is packaged well. We guarantee that all items are authentic. We do not sell "faux" antler items and we know the difference.
About Us

Welcome to E3 Antiques! We LOVE offers and we love receiving questions and comments from customers. So don't hesitate to send in a question.

We specialize in VINTAGE AND ANTIQUE Genuine Deer Antler / Stag horn collectibles. We have the largest collection of these items in the United States and all pieces are guaranteed to be genuine. We focus on pieces that are in excellent or perfect condition so, even though they may be vintage or antique, they are still a useful and beautiful addition to your table.

Most of the antler carving sets are made from "naturally shed" antler so the animal was not harmed to make the set. Some of the sets date to the 1800's so that may not always be the case! With the Boar Tusk items, the animal probably met with a worse fate!

We have some pieces that are truly one of a kind and you will not find a better quality collection of pieces all in one place. These decorative collectibles are like works of art for your table or desk and are the perfect gift. While we sell many of these type items we are also collectors so we appreciate their natural beauty.

These pieces not only add to a rustic look to your home but many are so well made and ornately decorated with silver that they add an unmatched elegant look to even the most formal of decors.

The vintage and antique pieces have already stood the test of time and they will immediately become precious family heirlooms. With care (do not put antler horn products in the dishwasher!) they will last for generations.

We have great gifts for weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and more!

Please have a look at the items in our shop and email any questions that you may have.

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