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About Down The Road Antiques

Our Service Pledge
Due to escalating fees and other unpleasant changes on Ruby Lane, we have been forced to reduce our inventory on this site. You can still find our FULL inventory on several other sites. Thank you all so much for being such great customers over the years! Feel free to call or email us any time.

We proudly stand behind everything we sell. All items are guaranteed exactly as described. We do not tolerate reproductions in our collection, and neither should you. Our items come from estates, private buyouts, auctions and our own collection.
About Us
We've been collecting and selling fine-quality antiques for almost 40 years. Over the course of our career, we've owned antique shops, organized estate sales, promoted shows and participated in local appraisal fairs for public and church functions.

We love antiques and are always hunting for rare and hard-to-find items. We've collected just about everything over the years, traveling the country and searching for the next great thing. The internet has enabled us to offer our cherished merchandise at the best prices to the largest audience.

We always deal with integrity and honesty; our reputation is vitally important to us and customers are our number one priority. We want your repeat-business, so feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions or concerns.

Some of our merchandise features moving parts and audible components. We post videos of these items on our YouTube page so you can see them in action before you buy. Ruby Lane does not permit us to provide a link to that page here, but it can be found under "Our Favorite Links" to the right of this paragraph.

About Our Lamps & Lighting

We buy lamps and lighting from estate sales, auctions and private sellers, and they come in every condition imaginable. Sometimes they are stored away for 100 years and kept in their original, factory condition. Other times they've been "messed around with" or carelessly refitted with incorrect components, creating landmines for inexperienced buyers. With over 40 years in the lighting business, we know what we're dealing with and want you to have the same confidence when buying from us.

We carefully evaluate every lamp we purchase, determining what needs to be cleaned, rewired or fitted with proper components. It's also important to know when to leave things alone. We never remove original patina (if a lamp is painted, it is sometimes removed without disturbing what's underneath). Glass is never replaced unless mentioned in our descriptions (it is guaranteed to be old). We have the knowledge, experience and inventory to make these critical decisions. Unfortunately, many sellers do not.

When rewiring, we use standard brown UL approved wire. The wires are properly tinned to protect against fraying and separation. (I will only use Rayon-wrapped or other non UL approved wire when requested.) Our wiring is correctly polarized and all wire ends are silver-tinned. Electrical trouble shooting is my professional background which I practiced for 30 years, so when I rewire a lamp it is safe and reliable.

Regarding our gas lighting, only period components and shades are used unless specifically stated. Internal tubing, valves and fittings are preserved whenever possible. When these lamps are electrified, it is done in a way that ensures no harm to the original components. No reproduction parts are ever used unless absolutely necessary. All kerosene lighting will be fully-functional with true period burners and chimneys when possible. All conditions will be clearly reported because we want you to feel completely confident with your purchase.

We take these measures in order to guarantee our customer's best investment dollar and 100% satisfaction.

About Our Shipping & Handling

We offer Insta-Pro shipping, which means every package we send is professionally wrapped and packaged within 24 hours of payment.

We frequently receive compliments regarding how well the merchandise is packed and shipped. We believe these items deserve to be handled with care.

Finally, we don't profit from shipping costs. If for some reason we've grossly miscalculated our quote, the difference will be refunded.


Positive feedback from some of our satisfied customers:

"Greg, I am upset... I have nothing to complain or whine about! The toy is fantastic, the packing was top notch and it arrived quickly. All that and I am stuck in Arizona with a afternoon low of 72 degrees."

-- Michael from Arizona


"[...] the Donald Duck toy arrived today safe and sound, he is in great shape and works so well. Thank you again for the prompt communication, the great packing and the quick send. I hope to do business with you again sometime."

-- Susan from Wisconsin


"Thank you so much for the very well-packed box which arrived tonight safe and sound. My husband was so very impressed with your packaging! We have hung the mirror and it looks as lovely as your Ruby Lane pictures portrayed. [...] we will be sure to shop again in your beautiful gallery."

-- Jeannine from New York


"Dear Greg-san, It's very professional in wrapping. Thank you very much and wishing you a Merry Christmas."

-- Hiroshi from Japan


"The cake stand arrived today. First, thank you for your excellent packing job! Second, the cake stand is even more beautiful than I had realized. [...] What a great addition this will be to my dessert course. [...] Thanks so much for getting it to me so quickly and well protected."

-- Diane from Massachusetts


"Today I received the Parrish print, and I am absolutely delighted! [...] the trust I placed in you was a good decision after all!!! Thank you 1000 times over for bringing this lovely bit of sunshine into my life."

-- Marsha from California


"Hello.............Amberina vase arrived today in fine shape due
to the thoughtful double boxing. It's a very nice vase and I'm
happy to have it in my collection."

-- Richard from Oregon


"Arrived Monday. Looks fantastic, wonderful packing job, fast shipping!"

-- Jacqueline from Arizona


"I just picked-up the package: WOW! You did an amazing job of protecting and shipping the item. It came in perfect condition, and the item is wonderfully bizarre and "Victorian"! haha!"

--Michael from Connecticut


"I love shopping with your store!"

--Eunice from Arizona


"Your packaging was the best I have ever seen. Clearly you understand the importance of safe shipping. Thank you again. Is there a way to send positive feedback on Ruby Lane[?]. You were an A++++ seller in all regards."

--Dan from Canada


"A little note to let you know that the lamp has safely arrived. It is wonderful!! Your packing was superb!! I am thrilled to have the privilege of owning such a marvelous little lamp. Thank You!!"

--Sara from Louisiana


"The pitcher arrived in excellent condition today. The packing was excellent and we are very pleased with our purchase. We hope to do business with you again."

--Jerry from Virginia


"Your use of dunnage and skill in securing cargo would have earned you a top spot as Able Body Seaman on board my last vessel....Admittedly, I was very hard to please when it came to securing deck cargo. Thanks a bunch"

--Dave from Montana


"Thanks so much for the excellent packaging and fast mailing. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you and I hope our paths may cross again one day."

--Robyn from Australia

Thanks for a super professional packing job, I really appreciate it. Thanks too
for allowing me to put them on hold, you guys are the best!

--Roseanne from an APO

Thanks for another great purchase,super fast delivery and justoverall a smooth transaction looking forward to our next business dealings thanks again regards

-- Keith from Kentucky

Received the very well and safely packaged vase. Just aspictured, love it, thank you greatly!!!!!

-- La Vern from Colorado

Hello Greg, The lamp arrived today and all I can say is WOW! It is spectacular! Both the lamp and your packing job are superb! It is so nice to purchase a lamp from a seller than actually knows how to correctly pack it. I can't tell you how many lamps have arrived to me with damage due to insufficient packing, and some were sold by seasoned collectors! I have had three lamps arrive with damage this spring alone...we won't talk about last winter! I wish there was a way to leave positive feedback for you!


-- Peter from Michigan

I received the vase. So beautiful and nice condition ! I was impressed by your perfect packing ! Please inform to me If you find out a beautiful coralene vase in excellent condition. Thank you so much !

-- Yasuko, Japan

Just unpacked Wimpy and am thrilled to death. Thanks for the incredibly fast shipping and great packing.

-- John from Indiana

The vase arrived yesterday, it’s just beautiful..thank you so much for your brilliant packaging job, that was most appreciated.

-- Chrissie from Australia

I love the chair. You did an amazing job packing it!!!!! Thanks

-- Donna from New York

We received the beautiful victorian piano lamp[...] We love it and wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your expert care in packing, shipping, and instructions. We will recommend you to all our friends! Thanks so much again.

-- Leigh Ann from Mississippi

The platter arrived safe & sound and I am very pleased. The packing was extremely well done & appreciated. Hope we can do business again in the future.

-- Shopper from Georgia

We received this painting in good order today. It is the best I have ever seen at protecting the painting. We thank you and appreciate the care you took at wrapping the painting. I have to say most paintings we receive are poorly wrapped. So thank you once again for the care you showed us and I am sure your other customers. We really do like the painting We will be checking out your web sight often

-- Gene from Texas

Hello Greg and Kathy! Your package arrived this morning in perfect condition. All the piggies and mousies were fine. I am very pleased with my order and will order from you again. You have great stuff in your store and it is one of my favorites. Have a very Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Years! Thanks so much

-- Dan from Wisconsin
Greg and Kathy Zygai
Down The Road Antiques
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