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About Denny Plesea Art Gallery

Welcome to my gallery! &tm;

All works in this shop are original pieces by me, Denny Plesea.

The watercolors are all one of a kind, and the etchings are in limited editions, usually less than 12.

Below is a list of my avocation experiences

  • 2012 - Dede SweetArt Gallery. Naples, Florida Monotypes, Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1994 - Southwest Images. Sacramento, CA. Monotypes, Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1995 - Trumbull County Art Gallery. Warren, OH. Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1995 - American Cancer Society. Warren, OH. Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1995 - Cardinal Frame Shop. Austintown, OH. Monotypes, Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1996 - Studio 24 Gallery. Sacramento, CA. Monotypes, Etchings, Lithographs.
  • 1996 - Collection Gallery. Seattle, WA. Monotypes, Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1996 - Café Sophie. Seattle, WA. CA. Monotypes, Etchings, Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1996 - Stems. Santa Rosa, CA. Monotypes, Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1996 - National Art Services. Houston, TX. Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1997 - Circa Now Gallery. Houston, TX. Monotypes, Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1997 - Tassajara Bakery. San Francisco, CA. Monotypes, Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1997 - Inn 1890. San Francisco, CA. Monotypes, Lithographs, Pen and ink/watercolors.
  • 1998 - Expressions. San Francisco, CA. Monotypes, Pen and in/watercolors

  • Publications

    • 1991 - Sonoma Mandala
    • 1995 - Art Access, Volume 4, Number 7. Artworks Gallery, Seattle, WA.
    • 1995 - Art Access, Volume 4, Number 10. Artworks Gallery, Seattle, WA.

    • Education

      • 1976 - Toccoa Falls College, Bachelor of Science Elementary Education
      • 1980-1986 - Santa Rosa Junior College, Art
      • 1989-1991 - Sonoma State University, Print Making and teaching credential
      • 1997-1998 - San Francisco State University, teaching credential
      • He is not reluctant to speak excitedly about the artists that influence his artistic fervor. He is motivated and influenced by the works of Paul Klee, Jean Miro, Picasso, Braque, DeForrest, Kandinsky and Gary Larsen. Denny's aim rather than to settle with a comfortable notion of his artistic language, is to explore the astounding diversity of his own style. If all of his works were simultaneously hung in one gallery, one would think they were viewing a group shows of no less than four artists.

        His strong graphic depiction of life are incorporated into inventive and illustrative pieces that are both heartfelt and thought provoking. Life's dramas, classic rituals, labors, history and everyday occurrences are reinvented while maintaining enough of the original forms to induce a sense of mystery and timelessness. His drams provide him with abundant material yet convincing method. His works are whimsical characterizations of the human condition. The humor acts as a stress release valve to alleviate the cumbersome foibles of our reality.

        For Denny as for most artists, his art is a development of his self awareness and the insights shared though the individual and universal existential experience of being.
Denny Plesea
Address available on request

Ruby Lane Exclusive since 1998
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