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We respond to all orders within 24 hours. Please remember "Vintage" means items have had a previous life and shows signs of normal wear, I will describe any major flaws to the best of my ability, but keep in mind the items are used unless stated.
About Us
This shop began with the estate of one extraordinary woman. Her name was Dorothy. She led a daring life full of adventure, especially for a single woman born in the early 20th century. She was a high powered executive in NYC, lover of men, world traveler and collector. She had exquisite taste with an eclectic eye. She left behind an inventory from designer clothes to fine art and more! Hers was a remarkable life, private yet rich in experience.
Most of the items for sale are from the wonderful collection that was Dorothy's estate. They have been carefully researched or appraised for authenticity and value. While her estate is definitely vintage or antique, as Dorothy was in her 90s, some of the items such as clothing and accessories still have tags on them and have never been worn. Therefore, they are vintage "new". You may also encounter items which are "one of a kind" as Dorothy had items made especially for her.
As a business we have grown and we now include consignment items from various individuals. We are selective in the quality of items we choose to accept as consignments and we still carefully research items or have appraisals for proof of authenticity and value. We strive for quality and accuracy, therefore we do consult with experts about our items. But, our experts are not perfect and neither are we, so unfortunately occasional mistakes are made. We will provide continued support throughout the entire buying experience and we have and "no hassle" return policy. Thank you for your understanding. We have "accidentally" become dealers...and we are loving every minute of it! Please browse through our store and enjoy the journey. Thank you for visiting Dorothy's Bling.