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The first thing I want to communicate is "thank you" to the many former customers who have written to me in this first week of January 2016 (the first week I'm open for business after being absent for fifteen months). I loved reading your expressions of delight in the fact that I've returned. I never meant to abandon any of you or disappear from your lives so suddenly and without explanation. There was a shocking and immediate medical emergency in my family. All I could do was just as suddenly close the store. I made no copies of records on Ruby Lane, so I had none of your contact information. I couldn't send you reassurance. I JUST found my copies of purchase orders, so I can now make a mailing list. If I do find the time to put one together, I can send the blessings I didn't before, and announce the reopening of my shop. I never forgot any of you, and those of you who related to me in a personal way must already intuit that. I'm happy to be with you again.

My jewelry artist story:

In 1977 I had a powerful dream that I can trace as the beginning of my career as a jewelry artist. I'd like to tell you the dream, and what it may mean for you, too. A dream of such magnitude is called a collective dream. Some native tribes call such dreams, Dreams of a People. Here is the dream.

I was on one of the ferry boats that deliver commuters back and forth between Marin County, CA (where I lived) and San Francisco. I was the only person standing on the outer deck. The boat had been heading to the city, but it stalled. We were stopped with no engines running in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. From my viewpoint on the deck, I suddenly saw a rippling in the water. It became larger as an enormous, translucent, almost other worldly dolphin emerged toward the brilliant blue sky, arced its body like a rainbow, then dove back down under the water deep. The backdrop against which I saw this miraculous animal was the artistically rendered Golden Gate Bridge. I was surprised that no one else on the ferry boat saw the dolphin. I think that signified that I was bound for a personal, individual unfolding.

The ferry boat is a common image in dreams as it is in mythology. Bodies of water as well as bridges are also prevalent in both mythology and dreams. The boat was stopped, because I needed time to reflect on where my life was going. A period of self involvement was required. Feeling (the water) was a big part of what I needed to develop. On the boat I was between the city (the world of commerce and career) and Marin County which meant spirituality and fun through hiking to me. This was a life transition dream. The most important symbol was the dolphin. I believe it symbolized the creative person I was to become. I like to think that the creativity with which I've infused my personally designed and hand made jewelry carries some of the dolphin from me to you. You see, the dolphin is a universal symbol of the creative self within all of us. I like to hope that something in my jewelry designs will activate the "Dolphin" in those who come to own an item (or more) that I create. You never know: You just might become a jewelry artist, too. However, I feel it necessary to acknowledge that creativity does not have to take a visible form. For a quarter of a century I worked full time as a Jungian depth psychologist. In that work I interpreted dreams for a living as I helped people find their own creative inner selves, the part of them that provided meaning to their lives. Making jewelry and interpreting dreams, I suppose, is a way the dolphin in me helps me balance heaven and earth, a balance that is good for all of us.

When I look at the gallery of photos of my art jewelry, I am very pleased. I know I'm an artist, because I can see my talent being reflected back to me from the mirror of my creations. After years of making my own jewelry, I met a wonderful woman who taught me what I needed to know about vintage jewelry in order to feel comfortable marketing a few pieces here and there, too. Now I offer vintage rings and earrings here in my shop. As I expect to add new items mostly every day, you will start to see vintage items appear alongside my own personal designs. I have sold thousands of pieces of jewelry to people all around the world from my online store. It was the first generation of THIS store. I'd never sold anything online, but when I found Ruby Lane I stopped going to art fairs and moved Dolphin Designs Artwear right here, right to Ruby Lane. My shop is only shown as "new", because family illness required me to take a leave of absence from my jewelry life. I had to close my shop for a little over a year. If you have read this far, you already know that Ruby Lane is the most sophisticated and highly developed venue on the internet for a person like me to market my wares. It's my intention to make your buying experience at Dolphin Designs full of the integrity that Ruby Lane so honorably represents. I do advertise on Facebook and Pinterest, but all sales from these sites are managed through Ruby Lane.

You will see consistent variety in my work. Since I trained myself by looking and watching and experimenting, you'll find items with many of the materials used today in art jewelry. If your imagination presents you with an image that you don't see here or in any of the other fabulous Ruby Lane jewelry shops, there is a good chance I'll be able to make it for you if you ask. Satisfying customers is truly rewarding for me.
Pamela Brown
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