About Diamond Soul Jewelry

The Core Values for my business shop here on Ruby Lane are the things that guide me in providing you with a quality jewelry experience.
The first Core Value is the Magic of Love! I believe in magic, in love at first sight, in romance, in the concept that Love is the most important quality to posses. It makes darkness disappear, it grows beauty in barren places, it changes, it moves, it inspires, and makes life worth living. The jewelry here on my shop is usually antique and vintage and will hopefully be a gift that represents love!
Another core Value we have at the Diamond Soul is Restoration. I believe in the restoration of fine old jewelry, in the restoration of a home, and in the restoration of the body, mind, and spirit. It gives me great pleasure to see the beauty of an old Mine Cut Diamond in a beautiful old filigree setting and restore it to a nearly like new condition so that it can continue to represent love, joy, and happiness again. I have spend my lifetime helping in this process of restoring these things. This shop focuses on making sure that the jewelry sold here is cleaned, polished, and restored as best as possible without giving up any of the old fashioned charm, so that it can represent the love of a new story or chapter....Yours!
The third core Value I have for this shop is actually to provide Value. If you have ever been to a fancy up scale Jewelry store or department store and seen the sale process there, you will find it different here. I do not sell you rings and diamonds. Instead, you are in control and purchase pieces of jewelry that satisfy you and your partner in what ever way you choose. These other commercial stores will do their best to sell you anything and they use high pressure tactics to spend three months of your income, or to make you choose between a large diamond with inclusions or a smaller one without. Plus, the cost is outrageous. My goal is provide you with the best Quality of a ring or jewelry that fits your budget along with the most accurate description of the ring or jewelry piece. I have many sources to obtain the rings sold here and I pass the savings to you so that you are happy with your ring and it gives you more value than any jewelry store can provide. I do not have the overhead of a 5th Avenue store, so that means you have a much better price and that means more quality of jewelry for the price.
The laser cut new diamonds lack the soul and character of a high quality old mine cut or Old European Cut Diamond. Many of the diamonds on my site are Old European Cut, Mine Cut, and Transitional Cut Diamonds. Many are skillfully hand cut and were made to shine best in candlelight. They tend to have character and each is unique. Seeing old and vintage jewelry reminds me of a time when beautiful things were made with hands and the skills of experienced craftsman. I hope that you enjoy my shop and have the chance to imagine some of the stories behind these works of art. These rings are becoming more rare since the price of gold has gone up leading to them being scraped and destroyed. I hope to save them and give them a chance at a new story beginning with you!
I like to promote pieces that speak to me and represent the beauty of a diamond soul. And if one of these pieces becomes an engagement ring or any other gift of love, I can see that the wearer likely posses the qualities of a diamond soul....Enjoy your journey!

A Diamond Soul (in case you were wondering) is a soul of a person who has done many wonderful deeds in a past life to help others. A Diamond Soul is a soul that is pure, beautiful, and has treasure inwardly. A souls vibration has an inner wealth that has brilliance, unity, Divine love, and is very refined. A Diamond Soul is an evolved soul and is a symbol that your soul is strong and durable.
Paul Pykosh
3905 Springarden Street
MD 20832

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