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I will respond to all orders within 24 hours of receipt.
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I am located in Spring Valley, California, USA.

My artisan jewelry listings have the gem and metal content described on their individual list page. Items purchased at estate sales or auctions are identified as well and I will provide information about the maker and any history of a signed piece when I can.

The Navajo jewelry items listed have makers hallmarks that are traceable to tribes covered by the Federal Indian Arts and Crafts act of 1990. Items identified with a hallmark associated with the Hopi or Zuni tribes will be described as such on their listing page. The Act was put into place to ensure the sovereignty of items made by members of the Navajo Nation and to protect your investment when you purchase one of these beautiful pieces of art.

A word about "old Pawn" native American tribal jewelry: the system began between the traders out west and the Native American tribes between the 1880s and mid-1920s. Although the old pawn system was similar to the pawnshop business we know today there were differences in the reasons why the Native Americans kept their hand made jewelry at the trading posts and there were differences in the system for retrieving the jewelry when their families wanted to wear it for certain tribal events. The Native jewelry from this era will be made with rough nuggets of stone or shell, bezel set in coin silver using rudimentary hand made tools or sand cast pieces. It would be the mid-1920s before the government would give them the sterling silver and lapidary tools to make their jewelry for the public to purchase while crossing the country on the Southern Pacific railroad.

Purchase orders and questions are acknowledged within 24hours. I ship on Mondays and Fridays via USPS and UPS throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. charges are stated on the items listing page.

My education is in fine arts with GIA certification in diamond and pearl grading.

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