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My art studio is located in Borrego Springs, central to the Anza Borrego State Park in San Diego County, CA, USA.

I personally make the items listed under the Ruby Lane Artisan jewelry category. I describe the gem and metal components for each piece on their list page.

The cultured fresh and saltwater pearls I use come from China, Japan, and the South Seas. The turquoise I use is from the USA. American turquoise is a good investment due to the continual closing of most USA mines producing quality gemstones. The semi-precious and precious stones I use are purchased from a trusted supplier in India. I use 100 % natural stones that have not been dyed or heat treated to enhance their color. The faceting or shaping of these stones is done by hand unless otherwise described. The stones I use, including Turquoise from the American South West, have not gone through a "stabilizing" process using glues and other crushing and shaping processes. For this reason, the stones in one of my artisan jewelry pieces will be fragile and should be handled with care and securely stored when not worn.

The past 10 years have seen outstanding advancement in the production of cultured freshwater and saltwater pearls. Due to water pollution throughout the planet, China has developed a "controlled environment" practice for growing both freshwater and saltwater gems. These pearls are able to grow in their host mollusk producing a clean surface that reflects outstanding luster. Modern "nucleating" techniques to produce size and shape variations are also a product of these "controlled environments." As our planet warms and random storms churn seas and lakes that provide a "natural environment" for the growth of our only "organic" gem, the production of "cultured" pearls continually evolves to offer beautiful luster and orient at a reasonable price for the consumer.

I invite you to treat yourself to a pearl!

My education is in fine arts with GIA certification in diamond and pearl grading.

Patricia Schiffler Starkie
Desert Pearl
Patricia Schiffler Starkie
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Borrego Springs
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