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Welcome to my artisan jewelry store in Borrego Springs. My shop is located in a village, central to the Anza Borrego State Park, San Diego County, California, USA.

I enjoy making fashion jewelry, especially cultured pearl necklaces. Like gem stones, cultured pearls come from all over the world. In some countries the cultured pearl business is considered agriculture because many small farms have a fresh water pond, stocked with bivalve mollusk,
for the purpose of growing "cultured" fresh water pearls. The cultured salt water pearl business is often a mom and pop operation as well. While earning my certification in Pearl Grading from the Gemology Institute of America I became interested in these natural gems and the process of their cultivation. The delicate nucleation (inserting the mother of pearl bead into the mollusk), the harvesting of the pearls, the hands on process of cleaning, bleaching and dying of the pearls is in stark contrast to mining gem stones.

When I refer to the pearls in one of my necklaces as being "natural" in color I mean they have not gone through a color enhancement process. Their color is a result of the color inside of the mollusk the pearl was grown in. I indicate in my item descriptions when the pearls in a necklace are natural in color or if their color has been enhanced. There are several color enhancing techniques used in the pearl industry. The artistic skill in applying a technique to improve the color, luster and orient of a pearl is considered when establishing the overall quality of the gem.

Luster is the shine and soft reflection of light that appears when you turn the pearl in your hand, while orient is the rainbow of color that your eye sees as the pearl reflects light.

My formal education is in Fine Arts with GIA certification in diamond and pearl grading.

I am delighted to bring you "pearls to inspire a wardrobe,"
Patricia Schiffler
Patricia Schiffler
1907 Falchion Drive
Borrego Springs, CA 92004-2637
Tel: (805) 722-8547
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