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Deborah Bigness
Tampa , FL
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since 2011

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Both myself and my husband have been collecting antique dolls and vintage toys for over 25 years. We are both members of a local "couples" doll & toy collectors club as well as UFDC. We spend our free time scouring estate sales, antique markets, and auctions for unique pieces for our collections. As with most collectors, you often become the curator of an assortment of vintage & antique collectibles in the pursuit of one item for your collection. A benefit of collecting anything with a "past" is the research and resultant knowledge obtained when attempting to learn about that item. Most colletors soon learn that that cherished item they own has a secondary benefit of it's acquired history. These items I sell on this website are often foreign to me as a doll collector but, I LOVE the research involved when attempting to learn about an item. Therefore, you will find a variety of vintage and antique items featured on this website for sale. I can promise to have researched each item to the best of my ability but, welcome collectors input on any item I have up for sale. I do not discount the value any one item may have to a collector and my intentions are to give each collector the opportunity to purchase a treasure for their collection at a fair price. Enjoy! And have fun searching for that "must have" item from my cedar chest of vintage finds!
Deborah Bigness
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