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Returns and Refunds
21 day 100% full refund return policy no reason needed:
To return your purchase and receive a 100% full refund, please notify me of your intent to return it within 15 days of receipt, and return it within 21 days of receipt. Upon receipt of the return, I will issue a 100% full refund. No reason for the return is required. You are responsible for all costs of return shipping and need to return ship according to instructions provided by me. If the item is not returned in its original condition, you are responsible for any loss in value. Your request for a slight extension of return time may be considered at my discretion. Please contact me for important full details and conditions before purchasing.

I provide strict guarantees of accuracy for diamond grades, diamond weights, natural origins of diamonds and other gemstones, precious metals contents, and other pertinent attributes. Please contact me for important full details and conditions. I also pledge to abide by all consumer rights and protections provided under state and federal laws and regulations. Thanks, Dave
About Us
I have been in the diamonds and jewelry business for 35 years, buying and selling all manner of diamonds, gems and jewelry, and designing my own jewelry.

Ultimately the purpose and value of my shop is service. This means providing wonderful products at prices that will make you happy, creating and honoring your trust and safety in all interactions, and welcoming all questions, requests, and comments before, during, after, and aside from any transactions.
I personally examine every item I offer; the descriptions are mine and I always stand by them. I provide a no-risk full refund return policy ( see details in the policies section of my shop), and I happily abide by all rights afforded you by the law and regulations. Please always feel free to contact me to ascertain, clarify, or request specific assurances or guarantees on any item in my shop.

I am a GIA Graduate Gemologist and a former GIA Senior staff Gemologist and Instructor of the GIA Graduate Gemologist course. I have been buying and selling fine diamonds and jewelry for 35+ years, specializing in antique and vintage engagement rings, wedding bands, diamonds, and all manner of wonderful jewelry, including my own creations. Many of the jewels I offer are environmentally friendly. My antique and vintage jewels preserve and express their past, continuing their lives into the present and future without adding further environmental impact. My original creations are often handmade using reclaimed materials and low environmental impact techniques and are always made in the U.S.A. I hope each jewel in my shop is captivating....a beautiful pleasure possessing inherent appeal and value.

Most of all, I hope you find something you love and that I will have had something to do with it. Dave
David J Thomas
2479 Briar Chapel Parkway
Chapel Hilll
NC 27516

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