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Kim Z Franklin, Pottstown, PA

Daredevil Adornments = Dynamic Antique And Vintage Jewelry For Those Who Love To Flaunt Their 'Flair And Dare'!

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About Us
Daredevil Adornments is an audacious one-woman antique and vintage jewelry enterprise offering dynamic high quality body adornments explicitly for those original and expressive people who take pleasure in displaying their personal sui generis of 'flair and dare'. Owned and operated by Kim Z Franklin since 1996, the quest for 'fabulous finds', however, has been a life-long passionate pursuit for Kim Z - the 'hunt' coming second only to the love and thrill of joining and connecting her cherish ably sought treasures to delighted new owners. Providing focused customer service with an extra personal touch, while combining free one-way shipping and insurance within the continental United States (international shipping and insurance determined at checkout), Daredevil Adornments embodies the posit that special and unique jewelry naturally gravitates to special and unique people. And as always, because it's too exciting to have to wait for long to get that wonderful new piece of jewelry in your possession, Daredevil Adornments has specifically chosen the speed and ease of Paypal purchasing, whereupon all item(s) will then be quickly shipped to you within one business day, excluding holidays, and will come to you carefully packed and in a lovely gift box. That 'spectacular piece' is meant to be yours, and with Daredevil Adornments you can rest assured that it will absolutely arrive as described, but if for any reason you are not 100% happy with it you will always have 3 days in which to notify Kim Z and return it, no questions asked! Always remember, life is too short for boring jewelry!!! So, be different, be impractical, be a daredevil!!! Let Daredevil Adornments be your last stop for finding just what you're looking for when it comes to fabulous antique and/or vintage jewelry - your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Kim Z's background and expertise includes over 30 years as a jewelry designer and artist, and most recently, a gemological student of the GIA with a preference for studies in colored gemstones. Her astute eye for the 'fabulous find' is sure to keep you coming back for more!!!