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D.R. Julienne Ag925 | Ruby Lane

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About D.R. Julienne Ag925

The D.R. Julienne silver jewelry collection is designed by David Julienne and fabricated by master silversmiths in Taxco, Mexico. After many years of manufacturing woman's sportswear in Los Angles I went into early semi retirement with the intention of traveling and surfing. On a trip to Baja, California I came across a silver shop in Todos Santos that was owned by the family of Ana Brilanti. Knowing nothing about history of Taxco and the silver industry there I obtained a copy Penny Morrill's book, Mexican Silver. Was surprised to learn that an American William Sprattling was responsible for starting the first silversmithing business which in turn trained and then spun off and all the great Taxco designers and artisans including Ms. Brilanti.
Looking for a new project that would involve travel I decided to take a trip over to Taxco and see what was going on. Much to my surprise I made some immediate connections and quickly was producing some test pieces. The result was many more trips to Taxco and an extensive collection.
The inspiration for the retro look of the jewelry comes from the art and design movements in the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's. By collaborating with artisan fabricators, I always gave them the creative space to add their stylistic interpretation, we were able to create timeless pieces, contemporary but with a visual reference to past movements.
Each piece, with a few exception, is an original work of art: my intention was to create museum quality jewelry, eschewing commercial tends.
Prices reflect a fair trade payment commitment to the highly skilled craftsmen who painstakingly produce my one off designs.
David Julienne
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