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About M. Barr Antiques

Our Service Pledge
We strive to provide a truly professional and trustworthy service at an unmistakable value to all of our customers. All of our items are honestly represented. We aim for accuracy in our descriptions and with our photos. We do not enhance the images or exaggerate the quality of any of our items. And to back up our pledge to our customers we offer a full satisfaction money back guarantee without any restocking costs if you are not completely happy with your purchase*. Please note: If you alter an item in any way (including sizing), it is not able to be returned,

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.

*Layaway purchases not paid on time or returned are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Layaway down payments are non-refundable, but in some circumstances may be transferable.
About Us
A tradition and appreciation of antiques and collectibles is passed down from generation to generation. Collecting is either in your blood or it isn’t.
Our history started with a race to the ice cream truck in the 1950’s. Unlike most customers who ran for a chance to taste the cold delicacies it offered on a hot summer day, our family’s race started at night, when the ice cream man would stop by and drop of his bag of coins, trusting us to keep his money safe and allowing us to search for sought after coins for our collections and trading them for less sought after coins. Hours would be spent combing through the bag, finding dates and mint marks needed to plug holes in collections.

As many of you who read this know all too well, often times a passion for collecting doesn’t end with just one category. It spreads like wildfire as interests change, time passes, and one day you realize you’ve collected almost every type of category of collectibles. Some interests stay with you, some transition or get put on hold, but that deep seated desire to collect is something that remains.

The exact moment when our transition from collector to dealer happened is unclear, perhaps it started early when we would trade our ‘dups’ for coins we needed or the weekends we spent at shows or swap meets. What we can tell you is our passion for collecting started early and has been passed down from generation to generation and our history is what makes us who we are today.

As you can see from our inventory, our interests have expanded from coins to a wide range of other collectibles and antiques. Our offerings reflect our goal to provide an ever changing inventory ranging from beginner collectibles, to rarities pursued by the most advanced and selective collector.

Raising the ‘Barr’ on how jewelry, collectibles and antiques are sold online

Photography: Everyone has had an experience with a purchase from a seller where the item in the photo looked so much different than what they received. We’ve worked hard to perfect our photography so that all pictures are an accurate and honest representation of the item we are selling.

Price: We are a business, not a museum, and our inventory is priced as such. We usually accept reasonable offers on items we are close on. However, since we pay strong prices to acquire unique items, we will decline offers made by people looking to make a ‘steal.’

Fast & Professional Shipping: Buying online can be nerve-wracking enough without having to wait to get the item you paid for. We strive to ship as quickly and carefully as possible, often shipping items the same day payment clears. We have a shipping department that processes over 300 orders on a daily basis whose goal is to make sure your items are packed and shipped quickly with care and accuracy.

Customer Service: We have dedicated staff members who provide customer service throughout the day. Questions are answered as quickly as possible and, if problems arise, they are addressed and resolved promptly. We know online is a powerful place where reputation is everything which is why we have worked hard to build our reputation and will work even harder to keep it!