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Welcome to Curated Curios and Antiques by Joan
My name is Anam Cara - nice to meet you!

Joan was my mother. My childhood weekends of the 1960's were spent traipsing up and down the mid-Atlantic coast and hills at auctions, antique shows and estate sales with Joan as she bought and sold. She had a discerning eye, always putting aside the finest pieces for addition to our ever-increasing, multi-generation family collection; and for the business she planned to open: Antiques of Distinction. A series of setbacks ended the dream of her shop before it could be realized. The extensive collections passed to me, her only child, thirty years ago.

In the years since, I've continued to collect, and to occasionally show and sell. Now that I have the time to indulge my passion, I'm here on Ruby Lane .
Please enjoy Joan's and my little shop and I love to "talk shop", so please contact me with any questions!