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John and Laura Swanson
Broomfield , CO
Bringing Treasured Items to Light, a Beautiful Collection of Crafted Pieces.
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since 2019

A gift remembered, and heirloom cherished.

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I was never a Mamma's boy, but I have always been my Mothers son! Not in my wildest imagination did I ever see my self taking my Mothers place in the world of jewelry and antiques. From as far back as I can remember, I was always cleaning, loading, unloading, moving, pricing, bagging, or just in the background of my Mothers beloved antique business.

It wasn't until my Mothers passing that I have come to appreciate and understand the love that she held for all of the amazing treasures she found, sold, collected and adored her entire life. Growing up in the 80's and having anything and everything available, shiny and new, separated our generations. Our folks and their folks had to work a whole lot harder for a dollar in their day than we do in our current. Any thing and everything seems to be replaceable to disposable. My Mum did the best she could to have me understand where she was coming from and what was important to her, and I accepted that she loved what she loved and it just wasn't my cup of tea... We'll at the time and we can all relate, we don't know how good the Tea is, until we try it for ourselves.

After a long drawn out battle with cancer, my Mum passed on September 25th, 2019.
There is an old African Proverb that says "When an old person passes, a Library burns to the ground". That day we lost the Library of Alexandria on all things vintage and antique. My Mum was a lover of puzzles and adventure, and so in truer fashion. We have set out on the adventure of a life time, the search for the "Library of Alexandria" and all of her treasures and jewels.

Having been the Joan of Arch that she was, my Mum trusted her instincts and set out to touch the world in her own special way. Her legacy of a Son, Daughter in Law, and Three incredible Grand Children will carry forth with honor, integrity, laughter and joy! Sharing with the world the Artistry, Creativity and Beauty each of us holds within us.

We chose the Crows Nest for our love of Birds, The Likeness they Share with the Angels, the Joy and Songs they bring and the special gifts nature can bestow you when your least expecting it.

Never before has a collection this diverse or beloved been shared with the world.

Thank you for spending time with us at the Crows Nest Exchange.
John and Laura Swanson
13658 Windom Lane
CO 80023

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