Cristian Pozzi Gallery

Cristian Pozzi, Weitra Austria
Cristian and Grazia are pleased to invite you to visit our gallery! From 16 th to 19 th century Fine Art!
since 2019

We specialize in high quality of oil paintings ,Fine Art, wood carved statues and Antiques

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We respond to all orders within 24 hours, we guarantee the authenticity of all our items
About Us
Good morning to all old and new clients! Cristian and Grazia are pleased to invite you to watch our gallery! We are Art dealers expert in wood statue from the 16 th century to the 19 th century, oil painting on canvas from the 17th century to the 19 th century. We love arts and buy with passion like the first day we begun more than 20 years ago! We are present in Europe in many important antik fair like " Mercante in Fiera" in Parma , we live in Austria near Vienna ! Take few minutes and watch our gallery you will find a lot of interesting things with fair prices. Our article were delivered with official invoices and written guarantee, we make just professional packaging so you will sure that items will arrives safe! So try and enjoy!We are very happy to answer any questions you may have about our shop or our items. All the best Cristian and Grazia
p.s. Sorry about our not perfekt english!