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since 2019

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About Us
The main focus of Cotswold Antiques is on ceramics, particularly European porcelain. This is for three main reasons.

The story of how porcelain came to Europe from China – the secrecy and intrigue surrounding its manufacture at Meissen, and its early patronage by European royalty – fascinates me. It culminates in the dramatic rise in the 19th Century of British ceramics, thanks to the invention of bone china, the explosion in tea drinking, and not least, the genius of our potters and decorators.

The second reason is aesthetic. Ceramics chosen for Cotswold Antiques can, and in my opinion, should, be regarded as works of art. Producing unfinished porcelain of the right shape and quality was in itself a highly skilled, demanding and expensive process, but in the 18th and 19th centuries, this was usually just the blank ‘canvas’ to be decorated by hand. The end products, after the enamel and the gold paste changed colour in the kiln, are objects of beauty, often fashioned in grim and appalling conditions.

Lastly comes a practical consideration. Ceramics tend to be undervalued. Normally, even the most expensive European ceramic can be acquired for a small fraction of the price of a sought-after European painting.

Cotswold Antiques is not only about ceramics!

Our large stock also includes choice silverware and glass, to be listed over coming months. These are items that just happened to catch my eye, such as the Bohemian glass vase.

My wish in dealing antiques is to meet the same requirements that I have had as a collector – for desirable objects that are accurately described, reasonably priced, safely packaged, and promptly despatched.

May I extend a very warm welcome to Cotswold Antiques.

Peter McGill