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Unique Artisan/Upcycled Collage Jewelry made with Vintage/Ancient Components


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COSMIC COUTURE is a line of one-of-a-kind, custom made collage Art jewelry that I hand make out of vintage components, ancient crystals and other vintage costume jewels and natural items . I describe my technique as "Evolutionary Creation" because these vintage and natural components have evolved in my jewelry to a totally new, beautiful, unified whole from their original form and function. I do not use a glue gun to attach these items. I use a much more powerful adhesive and I actually create bezel settings BY HAND for stones, crystals and components where ever space and shape permits. This creates a unified TOTALLY NEW design....not just an assortment of "things" glued on the cuff, necklace, etc.

I mostly create Cuff Bracelets, Pendant Necklaces and Choker Style Necklaces and I often use vintage pins as my focals and remove the pin backs. My pieces are not timid but are bold and strong for the confident woman. But, I do not strive for gaudy jewelry. Instead I strive for elegant, tastefully beautiful pieces. Occasionally I use real gemstone beads and pearls but there is no gold or silver per se used. Instead Gold Leaf and dry powder gouache are used. I want to create a line that will be relatively economical while being extremely artistic, elegant and chic. I make every single piece by hand myself.

I love beautiful crystals but I know nothing about their healing ability or their structure. I will simply describe them as "raw crystals". I am including them in my jewelry to be "design" components of beautiful jewelry not healing crystals. No returns will be accepted if the crystal wasn't a particular healing crystal you wished for it to be. That is not my intent.

These pieces will be noticed. So if you enjoy people commenting on what you wear, then the Cosmic Couture line is for you....... without spending a fortune. My bracelets are semi adjustable to be able to be worn by a number of individuals. And the necklaces as well should fit a variety of individuals.

I am a retired Interior Designer living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where I create my collage jewelry. If you've never been to San Miguel , it is a 17th century historical UNESCO town 7000 feet up in the mountains with a very large artist colony. I love history and appreciate the amazingly exciting work that has been done in Costume Vintage Jewelry over the decades. When I include a 30-70 year old piece of jewelry or a million year old crystal formation in my work.... that excites me and I hope it will excite you too. And I love to combine both together. I draw my inspiration for my new interpretations, from these vintage pieces. I believe I make those vintage pieces appreciated even more.....once they have evolved. I do not often use Designer Vintage pieces because they are usually exceptional pieces and need to stand alone. They were perfect to begin with. But there are many many wonderful vintage pieces that I feel are ready to enter the 21st century and fit the lifestyles of individuals today. I love to find these pieces that are ready to EVOLVE and give them a new life and personality better suited to lifestyles today.

My training as an Interior Designer has taught me to pull many varied things together, to create a unified whole, and I utilize that design experience of over fifty years, to create my jewelry. I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Interior Design with a minor in Architecture. I also have been an educator and taught Interior Design at the University of Texas @ Austin and I've been a Fashion Artist and Interior Designer in Los Angeles and Texas. I've had a retail home furnishings store in Austin with furnishings I designed. Now I'm turning my attention to my one of a kind jewelry and I hope you will find it as exciting as I do! DESIGN IS MY PASSION.

When I first started making Jewelry in 2005 I created a line called Kay Howard Originals. I knew for years that I wanted to design jewelry before ever beginning. While on a trip to Mexico, I stumbled into an amazing bead store in Guadalajara and the rest is history. The KHO pieces are primarily strung semi-precious, multi strand, bead necklaces of a pretty large scale. Occasionally I will include some of those necklaces in my Ruby Lane store as well as my Cosmic Couture Collection. In the fifty years that I've been designing everything from interiors to jewelry, I've sold in Los Angeles, NYC, Greenwich (Conn.), Palm Beach (Fla.),Oklahoma, and points throughout Texas. Online shopping has now opened the world to most of us and I look forward to finding new customers from around the globe. I have also been in a number of juried and invitational shows around the country.

The Cosmic Couture Collection currently has six styles: 1) Gems & Minerals , 2) Ming , 3) Saints & Virgins, 4) Audubon 5) Luxe/Bridal,etc. . Sometimes two styles will merge into one bracelet: i.e. Audubon/ Luxe ; Bridal/ Luxe; Gems & Minerals/Ming, etc. I hope you will enjoy shopping at my store COSMIC COUTURE and find a piece from that line and my Kay Howard Originals line that you can't live without. I hope you enjoy shopping. My phone number is a Magic Jack line and if you call it , it will be like you're calling a Central Texas number..........not Mexico. So please call 512-221-1505 if you have any questions. If I'm unable to get the phone, please leave me a message and I will call you back if you are in the United States. If I don't return your call then something has occurred and I didn't get your message. Try again PLEASE.

Kay Howard

COMMENTS by previous buyers:

" I am astounded at the workmanship that goes into Kay's pieces for the price. Wearing mine feels like I have on such quality far beyond what I paid. My necklace is special and one of a kind....exactly what I wanted. Thank You! I ordered a ring to enjoy next. "
S.T. from Arkansas...home to quartz, crystals and diamonds.

"Wearing jewelry designed by Kay Howard will guarantee you stand out in a crowd. Her jewelry is not for the timid but for the woman who is self confident and enjoy being the center of attention. Each piece is one of a kind, for the woman who is one of a kind. The pieces combine the old and the new, tradition with modernity, and dazzles with their uniqueness. I have never worn one of her pieces that I do not receive numerous compliments and inquiries about where I purchased it." N.S.

"Kay Howard truly designs ART jewelry. She uses museum quality beads and the finished products belong in a museum too. Her jewelry isn't simple accessories. Each is a magnificent design, from which you would accessorize with clothing. Each masterpiece evokes confidence. Every title takes you to a foreign culture or a place in time (future or past): "Four Bone Dragons", "Tropical Luxe", "Deep Waters", "Bats in Flight", "Dzibilchaltun" ( I don't have a clue what this means but Google tells me that it is a Mexican Maya archaeological site)." H.M.B.

"I love your new site and the pieces are beautiful and special. Not are one of the most brilliant artists I've ever known in my life." N.H.

"Your work has always been Bold and Big, and "I am here, very in the now, very theatrical." Your work is not something you wear and go gardening. It is Elite!" Vibpuri
Kay Howard
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