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About Copper For Charon

Our Service Pledge
We respond and ship out within 24 hours. Communication is imperative. If you have any genuine issues politely let us know and i will do my best to reach amicable resolution.
About Us
Welcome to my humble e-store within the regal Ruby Lane. I have been a full-time reseller for over half a decade now and genuinely enjoy finding groovy vintage wares that reconnect others with memories of days gone by. Our ship out time is always VERY prompt as is our response to inquiries. I can't vouch for the consistency of the mailman but certainly do my part to get all orders enroute pronto.
Fresh items added almost daily so keep your eyes on us, one never knows what oddity of yesteryear may pop up. We currently are working our way thru 100+ genuine autographed photos of actors from the 40s-70s (mostly western cowboy type), but make a point to intermingle other items such as 70s fox stoals, antique flour & gunpowder boxes, Capodimonte porcelain, vintage fire extinguishers, fine art and so much more.
When not shipping, listing, chasing fresh inventory, and everything related to e-commerce I try to balance my time working on restoring the pre civil war farmhouse on my modest homestead, striving toward self sustainability & permaculture, and laughing at my crazy pugs and utterly insane flock of ducks n chickens. I also have a penchant for the written word (the classics and philosophy) and am utterly enthralled by art, especially the surreal or avant garde. My personal tastes are rather eccentric and iconoclastic while i try to keep the inventory acquisitions a bit more tamed to appeal to the masses.
In closing, transparency and communication are imperative as that's how i wish to be treated in return. Feel free to ask questions or request additional photos without hesitation. I am very dutiful as I am too antisocial to fit into society and e-commerce is the perfect way for this miscreant to meet the pecuniary pursuit that is necessary to keep the system at bay so I give it my ALL to remain self employed and on the farm where I belong. Thanks for reading through all my long winded gibberish and yall take a gander inside!
Adrian Garriss
7290 hwy 203 Savanah TN 38372
TN 38372
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