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Keeping Vincent's memory and store alive, Ann & Stephanie have recently acquired his collection and will be sharing it under Cometiques. Background about the original Store & Owner: Born and bred New York City, Comet Antiques & Collectibles founder, Vincent Sturiale a/k/a Vinny or Grandpa Jim, started out in the typewriter business. He opened his first store in 1975 and became a staple in the neighborhood. If something was broken, he could fix it. As computers began to land on every desktop in the late 80s, though, the typewriters that Grandpa Jim sold, fixed and collected started to disappear and even become collectibles. Vincent had also noticed that, over the years, people would come to him for all sorts of reasons, often having other things to be fixed, bought or sold. Everything from day-to-day items to rare collectibles. He'd developed a deepening interest in a wide variety of collectibles and found himself spending hours and hours learning about their history, pedigree and value. He loved not just the items, but the stories around them. It seemed the world was pointing Vincent to his next adventure, so he began to phase out the now collectible typewriters and move into a newer business built around his deepening passion for collectibles and rare items. With that, Comet Antiques and Collectibles was born. Now serving the collectible and antique community for decades, Vincent spends his days both minding his shop, where people from all over the world share their most precious items and experiences, traveling to discover new finds and researching the history around them all. We look forward to sharing our wonderful collection. And be sure to check back on a regular basis, as it's always evolving and growing. We make every effort to describe our items accurately and take great care in packaging your shipments to ensure they arrive safely. All orders are generally shipped within a day of payment, so you can enjoy your treasures as soon as possible.