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My aim is to make your buying experience as simple as possible. I guarantee that I describe every item as honestly as I can, I will post as quickly as I can, but I am just me.
About Us
My name is Chris, I am a retired Chartered Accountant. For over ten years I have enjoyed buying antique, vintage and appealing items. I now have a huge collection comprising mainly ceramics and glass, but with many other bits and pieces.
The combined forces of space, my love of buying and my wife forced me to begin selling as well as buying, originally on ebay, then on Etsy ( 500 sales and 146 5* reviews ) and now I feel it is time to graduate to RubyLane.
First and foremost this is my hobby and I love it, but I am only me. I post out most days, but sometimes life gets in the way so I only promise a 1 to 2 day dispatch time.
Items which I am uncertain of I have appraised to ensure an accurate description and a fair price.