About collectaline

Our Service Pledge
I am only me, no staff or cover. Normally orders will be shipped within 24 hours. I do go out occasionally when I cannot offer this service. I will then post as soon as possible. If you have timing needs for instance a birthday or other deadline please email me. I do not use the quickest courier, he can be treble the cost, items normally received by you within 10 days, but again if there is a special need contact me, there will be an extra cost option available.
About Us
Hi I have been a practicing tax accountant for 45 years I have now stopped practicing and started playing.
I love beautiful things, I am in awe of the wonderful skills shown by people who used eye and hand in a time before all modern aids or even electricity existed.
So I buy things that I think are lovely or which just catch my eye. I have been doing this for over 5 years and two things have happened. Firstly I am getting better at it, I am learning about manufacturers and artists of all types. Secondly I have had to accept that I only have one house and I am driving my wife mad with ever increasing amounts of stuff.
So I now sell as well. This is mainly a hobby which subsidizes my pension, but first and foremost I am here because I love it, part of the pleasure is the people who buy and appreciate my treasures. I guarantee all my items will be delivered safely, if they arrive in more pieces than when they left me then I refund in full. This necessitates lots of packing!