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About Chili Fiesta Vintage

Our Service Pledge

At Chili Fiesta Vintage, Customer Service is about serving you. Whether that means answering a pre-purchase question, helping you place an order, or even occasionally fixing an error, we believe every order is half product and half service. For all of the attention we place on ensuring that you have the highest quality products at the best price, we're even more interested in making your interaction with us as pleasant as possible. It all goes back to a basic belief we have; you're investing trust in us, and your experience with us should exceed your expectations.

You can contact us ANYTIME for a QUICK answers to product and company inquiries.
About Us
THANKS for stopping by to get to know us.

Our passion is all things VINTAGE , ANTIQUE and COLLECTIBLE. We love the nostalgia of the items that we had when we were kids !! The quality & uniqueness of the trinkets our parents had when they were kids !! But we especially love the “stuff” of our grandparent’s day….. Things were simpler and people had more time to create marvels that were made to last a lifetime. They had all the bells and whistles imaginable and paved the road for our current ultra technological products !!

Chili Fiesta Vintage is our online store, where we get to share our collection of original vintage and antique items and nostalgic, collectible treasures, that some of which you may have enjoyed when you where children.

At Chili Fiesta Vintage you will find a treasure chest of the most unique and wonderful vintage finds from the late 1800's thru to the 1990's. We travel the world in the rain, snow and sweltering sunshine in the search of the most unique and amazing vintage items doing our best to understand the history and story associated with every piece to ensure that each find is as special as the next. Every item is been hand-picked for quality, condition and individuality.

All of our items will have some slight imperfections, but this only adds to the character, mystery and distinctiveness to your purchase.

Now you know a little bit about us !! We would LOVE to get to know you too !!!

Peter Arato
4964 Grapewood Lane
NY 13088-3638
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