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Our Service Pledge
I treat my customers the same way I would like to be treated - respectfully and with good humor. All orders are appreciated, packed with care and swiftly shipped. Repeat customers are a pleasure - and my greatest asset!
About Us
Welcome to Cherie's Petite Boutique

What began as a hobby 18 years ago has now blossomed into a delightful shop and business! Artist-made treasures for your favorite antique dolls, using antique fabrics and trims. Handmade mohair wigs, leather and silk brocade shoes, antique silk, lace, and straw bonnets to die for!

I am very happy to offer a new line of bonnets in Cherie's Petite Boutique for my reproduction doll customers, that will be referred to as my "Avant-Garde" line. If you have bought from me for a long time, this type of bonnet may be familiar to you, as I offered them years ago. These bonnets are made with the same expertise you expect from Cherie's Petite Boutique, but using modern techniques, with new materials. Accent trims used may not be of natural material, but are still of fine quality that will look wonderful on modern or antique dolls. Because of this I am able to create these styles using a less expensive method and faster, therefore reducing the cost considerably!

I happily accept layaway, and always combine shipping!