Chainsaw Chuck Erikson

Chuck and Cheryl Erikson
Grass Valley , CA
Pearlescence and chatoyance predominate, with occasional amber, linens, china, and select "smalls".

Ruby Lane Exclusive since 2005

Specialists in Mother of Pearl (M.O.P.) and other nacreous shell, both artifacts and raw materials.


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All items sold "as is", as represented in our descriptions, and are guaranteed to be authentic. If you know something we don't about an object, please feel welcome to tune us up! We're friendly, ship several times a week, and are quick to respond to any requests unless we happen to be Jeeping the remote back-country for a day or two, in which case we'll get back to you immediately on becoming civilized again!
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Although long-time collectors and dealers of pearlescent antiques and artifacts, our expertise in shell has been gained through more than 40 years as a major supplier of nacreous shell (under a different business name: Duke of Pearl) to various industries, notably in the fields of musical instruments, furniture, and jewelry. We currently process around 250 metric tons of shell per year, from 18 different species, and hold three U.S. patents on shell material.

Having also been active during most of that time as professional musical instrument builders specializing and pioneering in the arts of inlay and overlay, we have a "hands-on" appreciation for both the wonderful variety of shell materials as well as the skills and techniques necessary to work them, whether ancient or modern.

Thus, our highly exercised sensual prejudices work in favor of bringing to your display cabinet only the finest examples of shell workmanship! Not all "mother of pearl" is created equal, and although certainly not the only factor in desirability or collectibility, when appropriate our item notes will reflect a sometimes brutally honest appraisal of the level of craft found in each piece. We'll make an effort to avoid empty, gushing, overwrought, generic, meaningless superlatives in describing the items we offer, while respecting your own acumen and intelligence as to what might be "fantastic" or "a must for your collection" without our needing to point that out!

We do hope your own appreciation for things pearly is refreshed and stimulated by the objects we find delight in presenting!
Chuck and Cheryl Erikson
18072 Greenhorn Road
Grass Valley
CA 95945-9348

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