Kathryn Ottolini, Knoxville, TN

Vintage is more than old, more than used, more than an antique store. Vintage is history wrapped up in love.

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Vintage jewelry and collectibles. Elegance is a choice.


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We respond to all orders within 24 hours, and usually within 6-12 hours. We guarantee the authenticity of all our items as we describe them and to the greatest extent of our knowledge. We will never knowingly try to sell an item under nefarious circumstances.
About Us
I had a friend several years ago whose garden I was walking through and she had only one kind of rose in her was a creamy yellow with the edges of the petals in bright cherry red...CHERRYLIPPEDROSES.

In my handmade pieces I love very personal and interesting components. I use all solid silver findings, and beads mixed with stones I love. No two are alike.
I am obsessed with beauty and find human artistic endeavors an everlastingly amazing universe. The items I purvey are bound to this belief. They were created by extraordinarily talented individuals. I have loved antiques and vintage for most of my life and have had the good fortune to come across many beautiful items. Lines and details and rarity attract me. Rarity in a world of the mundane.

From satisfied patrons:
"What an incredible treasure. In mint condition and due for another 100 years happy wear. Thank you so much. We love it."
"love it!! so happy to have it..thank you", kathi jo
"Hi! The fabulous bracelet arrived today! I love it and fits! Thank you!" ~ Juliette
"This lovely bracelet arrived today. Thank you for wrapping it so carefully for mailing. I think that it is lovely." ~ Sincerely Kathy
"Thank you for such a professional transaction." ~ Jane