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Questers International
The Questers are a group dedicated to the study, preservation and history of antiques. Questers funds scholarships in historic preservation and conservation, provide grants for historical restoration and preservation and promote, local chapters, the study of topics of interest to collectors of antiques and those interested in the history of their own collections. Each month our chapter has a program dedicated to the study of a particular topic for the education of our members. The topics are quite diverse and range from paperweights to soup tureens to Fiesta dinnerware. The presenter tells the history of the subject, the current state of this subject and often illustrates the program with items from personal collections that are shared with the members.

The Steamship Arabia Museum
The Steamship Arabia sank in the Missouri River in 1856 on its way, fully loaded with cargo for peddlers and merchants, to outposts in the Western territories. Time and the everchanging river eventually casued the water channel to move and the steamship with its intact cargo ended up covered by the earth in bottom land fields. It was rediscovered in 1987 and was unearthed and its intact cargo was reclaimed to be displayed in its entirely in this wonderful museum in Kansas City, MO. Mark this on you vacation stop list as a unique step backward into the past well worth the price of admission. Take a virtual tour by visiting this website.

Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc
All that green glass is NOT vaseline glass. Learn all about the glowing glass that has so many glass collectors positively addicted. Learn how to tell the difference and see some of the most beautiful displays of vaseline glass ever. Members of the collectors organization have made their private collections available for viewing in this site. This is a must see if you love art glass!

David Doty's Carnival Glass Website
Lovers of Carnival glass should find this site incredibly comprehensive with pattern identifications, illustrations and lots of information from one of the most authoritative sources on this subject.

Early American Pattern Glass Society
Information about collecting Early American Pattern Glass and how to become a member of this group.

Pattern Glass Educational Resource
Wonderful site with a virtual museum of pattern glass and a Pattern Glass School for educating about some of the finer points of Early American Pattern Glass.

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Early American Pattern Glass
Another great site that has a lot of information and wonderful pictures of Early American Pattern Glass. The creator of this site specializes in collecting glass from the Riverside Glass Works.

Button Country
An exceptional resource for button collectors encompassing the full spectrum of antique and collectible buttons with wonderful educational resources for the novice or the experienced collector. Wonderful full color pictures of fronts and backs of collectible buttons.

National Button Society
Official site of the National Button Society with loads of information about collecting buttons and antique and collectible buttons. This is the ultimate source for button collectors. There is also a link to a membership application should you choose to join and receive their wonderful bulletins throughout the year.

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