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About Carol Barrett Jewelry

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We respond to all orders within 48 hours, we guarantee the authenticity of all our items.

About Us

I make one of a kind designs using high quality hand carved jade pieces or silver Asian antiques which I combine with quality semiprecious stones to create fashion statement jewelry that will definitely get noticed. My unique pieces have been sold in exclusive stores and boutiques. These pieces are collector's items as well as art to wear.

I also am selling some wonderful treasures that I have found during my travels to Asia and Africa. Many are older pieces or antiques that will interest collectors.

I began designing and making jewelry in 1989 after I discovered an interest in Asian antiquities during a trip to Hong Kong and China. After purchasing an assortment of unusual expertly carved jade pieces, I returned to the U.S. and creatively incorporated them into necklaces. My sphere of influence as a jewelry designer quickly grew as those around me took notice of my unique jewelry designs. So, when the jewelry buyer from I. Magnin in San Francisco wanted to purchase my entire line, I knew I was on to something special. Within a few months Saks Fifth Avenue was also carrying my jewelry.

I have since branched from my original company, Gemini to create Carol Barrett Jewelry, a company that offers a fresh approach to my timeless, unique designs. I design and make all of my creations, including components from several cultures and beading them with unique and high quality gemstones. This truly makes the piece a multicultural and unique piece of jewelry. All are one-of-a-kind designs with the exception of some of the earrings being limited editions. I also design and make custom pieces for special occasions or using a special piece collected while traveling or an inherited piece.

In my travels around the world I find many interesting treasures to incorporate in my jewelry designs. I buy jade that is carved in China by expert craftsmen. Some of the jade pieces are older and have a great patina. Jade comes in a variety of colors and translucency, green being the most familiar. Lavender jade is the most rare. Jade can also be milky white, red, golden, brown or black, as well as, a several colors in the same piece. Some of my creations incorporate multicolor jade that the carver has used to colors to determine the design of the piece. These are very unusual.

I am always searching for intricately carved wood, bone, jade and other semiprecious stone pieces that are unique to include in my jewelry. They add a whimsical touch. Most of these I find in China.

The older silver pieces that I use are from ancient tribal jewelry from India or Tibet. Many are quite years old. I obtain them from a scholar, Tony Anninos, who is an expert on antique Indian and Tibetan silver. His museum-quality pieces are sought after both by museums in Europe as well as the United States. Many have been worn as ornamentation. I also use silver components that come from Indonesia and China. I incorporate both in my jewelry.

I work with several re-known glass artists, Tom Boylon, and Keith Kreitter, who create original glass beads that I use in my jewelry. I am always looking for good quality and unusual cuts of semi-precious and ethnic stones to incorporate in my designs. I use sterling silver, 18k gold vermeil and 14k gold findings.

If you wish to carry my jewelry in your store or gallery please inquire about wholesale purchases.


Dear Carol
I am so pleased with my jade necklace and pendant that I purchased from your shop.
They are a beautiful accessory with just about everything that I wear.
I really appreciated your special customer service with me. You were wonderful to correspond with and you answered all my questions. You were very accommodating in my being able to purchase this necklace.
I love your shop and all your unusual combinations of genuine stones that you put together. I also appreciate your integrity and honesty in stating whether a stone has been color enhanced or not.
I peruse your site constantly looking for that very special item that only you carry.
Thank you very kindly
A Very Satisfied Customer
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Carol,
Just a note to tell you of the many compliments I receive on your jewelry pieces when I am wearing them. One of the things I enjoy about your jewelry, in addition to its beauty, is that it feels so good against the skin.
You not only create beautiful jewelry, but you are also a delight to work with. The custom necklaces you've designed for me have given me endless pleasure.
Beverly Hills, California

Hello Carol,
I wanted to let you know that I gave one of the necklaces that I purchased from you to my sister for Christmas. My sister just loves it!!!
Thank you again for making such beautiful one of a kind pieces!! It truly makes it that much more special when you know you will not find some one else wearing or having the same exact thing you do!! I really do love your jewelry!!! You have a great eye and not everyone has that talent!!
Take care,
San Carlos, CA

Recently friends and I headed for a trip to China. We saw so much and loved it, but looked and could not find interesting Jade pieces that each of us was looking for. We were very disappointed. As soon as I got back, I found out about Carol Barrett's collection. I invited my friends and we were all amazed at how wonderful her pieces were! They were what we were expecting to find in China. I think she got there first. At any rate, I now have some very dramatic, lovely pieces that I love!
Los Altos, CA

I wanted to tell you how much I love the carnelian/vermeil rabbit earrings. They match perfectly a vintage necklace I have and your packaging was wonderful.

You're definitely on my favorites list.

Thanks so much,
Herculaneum, MO

Hello Carol,

I did want to take this opportunity to tell you how beautiful the necklace is. It was on my "wish list" at Ruby Lane and I was thrilled when it was included in the pieces that you put on sale. The Turkestan pendant and carnelian beads will go well with several blouses that I have and I will enjoy wearing it. The Sea Dragon necklace arrived Tuesday. It is more beautiful than it appeared on the website, and I look forward to wearing it.

Your jewelry is so beautiful; I don't know how you can bear to part with it. I wear your necklaces or bracelets, I feel that I am paying homage to those who went before, a unique mixture of art and history. I love wearing your pieces because no one else has anything like it. I almost always receive complements on your jewelry, and it has often resulted in interesting conversations with admirers. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the rest of us. I'm sure that we will be in touch again.

East Lansing, MI

Hello again!

I wanted to let you know that the Double Strand
Aquamarine Drop Necklace arrived Saturday, Jan.12th safe and
sound. The package was well-wrapped both inside and out and was
shipped lightning speed, considering the order was just placed 2
days prior, and was sent across the country. When I opened the
package, all I could say was "WOW". Seeing and holding this
gorgeous necklace, I saw clear, sparkly stones, exceptional
workmanship, and an overall look and feel of such quality. I
love aquamarine and own several different pieces, but nothing
with clear clean gems with a soft blue/green hue. I also like
the Red Tag Sale, and when it is on, the first thing I always
check are the aqua pieces offered. That was when I saw this
necklace, and after talking with you, I had to have it. The
pictures looked good, the necklace is exceptional. And I'm glad
you are on sites that I frequent all the time, you do have a lot
of very nice things. Thank you for having this at such a
fantastic price. I am so pleased to have made this purchase.
Have a very good New Year.

Orland Park, IL


I am beyond thrilled with your beautiful jewelry.The boxwood fish pendants are so unique. I love the marvelous detail. My favorite is the one with the glass blown bead.

Thank you for your prompt attention to detail and for sharing your amazing artistic talent. I am so excited to have found you.
Caddo Mills. TX