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John Campbell, Marietta, GA

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Gateway to all of your dreams. Custom design and restoration of fine jewelry.

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We are custom jewelers that take pleasure in the difficult and hard to do. We pledge and it is our pleaseure to make every effort to make our customers satisfied.
About Us
Thank you for visiting us today. I want to introduce ourselves to you. My name is John and also there is a Mark (yes we are considering getting two dogs named Matthew and Luke) we are custom jewelers that prefer and like the older style of jewelry. We like to take our time and painstakingly redevelop or preserve the spirit and elegance of the jewelry you see here. We specialize in preservation and repair of antique jewelry, the oldest piece of jewelry that we have ever worked on was around 700 years old and was a piece of pure art that honestly belonged in a Museum, with French enamel on one side and unheated/untreated rubies, sapphires, turquoise set in silver and gold. If you have any questions for us we are very passionate about what we do and are here to help. We also do our own 3D CAD/CAM design, in-house resin mold growing(Mark actually designed and build our 3D resin printer), casting, stone setting, and restoration work. We are here to serve you and it is our pleasure to do so.
John Campbell
3208 Canton Road Suite 116
Marietta, GA 30066

(770) 335-5160
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