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About Camelot Studio Vintage Doll Clothes

Our Service Pledge

We respond to all orders within 48 hours and all items are guaranteed for authenticity and accuracy of description.

About Us

Welcome to Camelot Studios! We are dedicated to helping you with your doll clothing and doll needs!

Most important, clothing is ready to wear! You do not need to clean or repair the clothing! We do that as our pledge to you! Clothing has been professionally cleaned, repairs made, and ironed! It will arrive on acid free paper, laid flat, and encased in plastic. Just open - and put the garment on your doll! We make it fun and easy for you!

Please note that we ship on MONDAYS only. We have a professional shipper that does a fantastic job and clothing is not simply put in a box or padded envelope but is carefully packed to ensure that you get a product that should not even require ironing. We try our best to get items out sooner if the sale occurs on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Also, I often refund shipping as a matter of courtesy if I think the shipping is sluggish. Keep in mind, however, we never miss a Monday shipment so your clothing is guaranteed to ship the first of each week.

A little something about me:

I have studied doll history, dolls, and doll clothing for over twenty years.

One of the most important features of doll collecting is finding those original clothes and accessories that are a part of your doll's history. As dolls have changed over the centuries, so have the clothing associated with that doll. Just as you would not want to put a modern outfit with velcro on an old Shirley Temple doll from the 1930s, you would also not put a turn-of-the century dress on a modern artist doll.

I owned a doll clothing company for many years, and have studied trends in doll making for a long time. I understand fabrics, trims, and can identify which company made a particular outfit based on style, fabrics, trims, and closures. As a doll lover, I’ve contributed to many doll books and publications.

Most important, all of the clothing items come from a non-smoking home and have been professionally dry cleaned by a vintage dry cleaner. They have been carefully inspected, and all flaws are noted. These are vintage items and as such, often have small flaws. If there are any open seams, or tears; they have been repaired by a professional restorationist. All clothing items will come to you "ready to wear." You should never have the need to clean or repair them.

Through my experience in antique dolls, as well as vintage clothing - I have identified the clothing item according to the era, as well as what size and type of doll that clothing is associated with and/or appropriate for. Details such as the type of fabric, buttons, and the textile pattern will be noted if known. Measurements have been taken via the length, and width. Measurements are taken while the garment is flat; and if it is a width, it should be doubled. Measurements are approximate.

All clothing will come to you with an acid free colored background and wrapped in acid free plastic specially designed for antiques, suitable for gifting or storing. Clothing has been pressed, but a few wrinkles may still be present due to folding and shipment.

You can be confident in what you are purchasing. All clothes are accessed carefully, and the items will be well defined and researched properly. We also keep prices reasonable, we have seen these original items at astronomical prices and you won't find that here. We work hard to keep the prices affordable.

We believe that collecting should be fun but also a worthy investment - so please enjoy the items that we have offered for you, and I hope you find something to enjoy for years to come!