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April, 2017
***See our new listings for April.
***Peruse our shop for wonderful gift ideas!
***The earliest napkin rings made by American silversmiths were often made from melted 90% silver coins, since there was not a ready mining source available for silver in America. Please view our "coin silver" napkin rings.
*** How organized are the English! Their hallmarking system on sterling allow us to know the year each of our English sterling napkin rings was made, as well as the place of manufacture and the maker. The "lion passant" symbol on each napkin ring assures us that it is sterling.
***Sterling napkin rings--a way to enhance your table settings--from handsome to whimsical to spectacular! Let us put together a collection for your table.
***Mood indigo!--or is it sky blue, robin's egg blue, cerulean, cobalt? See our "blues" selection.
***Fond memories of Highway 1 along the California mission trail? See our sterling mission spoons to refresh memories.
***Oyster plates--what makes a plate desirable? Vivid colors, hand painting, shape of plate and shape of wells, rarity, condition. Look at our collection of oyster plates to learn more about these qualities.
***Lily of the Valley sterling by Whiting is one of the loveliest patterns ever made.
***See our board on Pinterest, "HISTORY SPOON BY SPOON" (by Ann Underhill).
***Celebrating all things French!
***Antique sterling items with engraved names evoke memories. We have "Victoire Marie Jasigi", "Arthur Harold Serrell", "A. Herzog", "Dorothy Jean Tucker", and "Elizabeth".
*** Consider a collection of "name" sterling napkin rings. We have "VANCE". "MARY", Also, "SEWARD", "LLEWELLYN", "PAUL FANKER".
***Have you thought of wonderfully designed antique sterling souvenir spoons to liven your coffee or dessert service? Each spoon tells a story.
***Oyster plates--the perfect complement for a nautical or maritime theme.
***Celebrating botanicals- fruits and flowers and "greens". Search for our tributes to "flowers", including the rose, lily of the valley, grape, fern, seaweed, Easter lily, water lily.
***Please take a moment to look at our new specialty-- antique sterling christening mugs. We are featuring 10 Tiffany mugs, two from Gorham and one (cup) from Kerr. These mugs come from our personal collection of over 40 years.
***For a special gift--a spectacular Victorian figural napkin ring; a sterling napkin ring--perhaps with flowers.
***If you are looking for a gift, consider mother of pearl serving pieces or sterling napkin rings. ***Oyster plates go especially well with French decorative themes. For a refined, "lovely" look try a grouping of our Limoges oyster plates. With contemporary décor, look at strong colors or a bold Quimper plate.


We have organized our listings to be searched by country attribution. Please see the rest of this section for other search possibilities. Our shop specializes in:
ANTIQUE OYSTER PLATES--American, French, English, German

ANTIQUE STERLING & COIN SILVER NAPKIN RINGS--American, English, Russian, French, Scottish




PLATEAUX--American, English

Sterling napkin rings, coin silver napkin rings and figural napkin rings make perfect heirloom gifts for special occasions. Our unique napkin rings personalize a table and are conversation pieces. Some of our sterling and coin silver napkin rings are monogrammed; some are dated and all have fine design and workmanship. We feature American rings by Gorham, Tiffany, Shreve & Co., Wood & Hughes, Whiting, La Pierre, Kerr, Shiebler, Blackington, Towle and Kirk & Son , as well as a fine selection of English sterling napkin rings. In fact, we have one of the largest selections of hallmarked English napkin rings on Ruby Lane.
Our special figural napkin rings invite delight with their animals and figures. We feature figural napkin rings by the finest makers--Reed & Barton; Simpson, Hall & Miller; Hartford Silver Plate Co. William Rogers Co.; Toronto Silver Plate Co.; Rockford Silver Plate Co.; Barbour; Meriden; James W. Tufts; Wilcox Silver Plate Co; Derby Silver Company and F.B. Rogers.

SPECIAL NOTE: All of our napkin rings are sterling or coin silver, except the figurals, which are silverplate. Search for "American napkin ring" to see our selection of American sterling rings and "English napkin ring"to see our British sterling selection. We also have made it possible to search for "monogrammed napkin ring and, "name napkin ring", in case you are interested in those categories.

Over a period of more than 40 years I have collected oyster plates. I want to share with you the expertise I have honed over the years. First and foremost, all of our oyster plates are antique. We take pride in offering oyster plates in fine condition. If you are starting a collection, adding rare oyster plates to an existing collection, or using oyster plates for unique decorations, we provide a wide selection. If you wish to color coordinate, enter "blue", "green", or the color you are searching for. We can help you "mix and match" oyster plates. Please contact us if you want help in setting up an array of oyster plates for hanging or shelf display. We feature oyster plates by many of the finest makers:
English: MINTONS
German: WEIMAR

A note on our historical blue transferware: all of these blue and white Staffordshire pieces date from the 1820's and 1830's. The term "historical blue" was coined to distinguish the rich, deep blue of these pieces from other blues of blue and white china. "Historical blue" china is known for a very high percentage of blue in the design--very little white--but at the same time amazing detail. We have pieces by the great potters of the time: Enoch Wood, Ralph Hall, and Adams.

Please email if you have any questions. We will carefully answer any questions you might have.

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