About Caleb Sasser & Co. Antiques Galleria

From the young age of 8, I have been buying and selling antiques. By 9th grade, I had opened my first space in an antique mall; by my senior year, I had developed a name for myself in the local business and was operating 4 spaces. I have dedicated the past 10 years of my life to the world of antiques, expanding my knowledge, and training my eye. I have done shows and conducted estate liquidations. At the age of 18, I have decided to expose myself to the online market. I have been commended by dealers and clients alike on my ability to locate innate objects. The is no greater joy in life than putting your heart and soul into finding an object and placing it with the person that it belongs with. Antiques are an investment in your home as well as your quality of living. These are investments that, unlike stocks, allow you to use and enjoy them every single day! By purchasing items from me, you are not only investing in my education and my passion, but you are investing in the beauty of your home and the life of past society! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and browse the items I offer for sale.
-Caleb Wm. Sasser

Please contact me prior to placing your order so that I can calculate shipping quotes. Your zip code will be necessary. An item will not be considered sold until an invoice has been created, this is due to the large quantity of requests for the same item at the same time.