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A Collector since 1977 and Buyer and Seller, since 2007, of vintage and contemporary Fenton Art Glass, 19th C. glass from Mt. Washington Glass Company, 19th C. Thomas Webb & Sons, England, 19th C. Harrach, and Kralik, Czech glass companies, Before the end of WWII, the US was considered the largest importers of Czech glass. We bought our chandeliers and glass buttons from them. If considering a purchase of a chandelier, look first at antique or vintage Czech made chandeliers. They are by far still the best made. The store stocks for sale antique Dugan, Northwood, Millersburg and vintage Fenton Carnival Glass bowls, figurines, eggs, vases, etc. Beware: As of 6/2015, for every 10 pieces of carnival glass I purchase from E-bay, 9 pieces were returned because they were fakes. Look to Ruby Lane and my store for authentic carnival pieces. Learn about carnival glass from carnival heaven on the internet. Finally, also listed are antique R. S. Prussia bowls, vintage French, Austrian, and German Majolica plates, retired Royal Doulton Lady Figurines, dated and signed, and (Sept 2016) hand blown art glass from contemporary masters, like Jean Claude Navarro (Deceased, 2014), known as the best hand blown art glass creator in the world (commissioned by King of Dubai for 24 months to stay in Dubai and make art glass sculptures for the King alone. In Dubai, there is a Navarro Studio which contains some of the last pieces the master ever made. Navarro died shortly after returning home having completed his service to the King of Dubai. Wes Hunting's art sculptures are also represented. He has been professionally hand blowing art glass In US for over 30 years! The Wes Hunting: Pink and Gold Landscape on Sale after 9/7/16.

**** What is "psychotic consummerism?" If you hear someone level spending sprees on you, tell them to get an update! That 1950s characterization has long been replaced by one that includes males, females, equally, ages 13 to 63, and all ethncities.

Definition of Rarity: An item of value, of such limited quantity, for a number of reasons, that its value is identified as UNDETERMINED. What does that mean to sellers. If you find one of these, debut it on an internet purchasing platform at a very high price. Do not concern yourself about selling it. Just let buyers and sellers know that a price value has been established. Wait. Take the listing down and list it in your shop at the same high value. In about 3 months, tops, other sellers will list the item at the place you debuted it for even more money. Three and half years ago, I started buying up Fenton 1960s' Plated Amberina (glossy / matte / satin finish can be striped) Fenton glass items for below and somewhat above $100 dollars per piece. Those pieces are in my store for around $275 to $375 dollars. On E-bay, these same pieces are listed for $625 dollars and up to $825 dollars. I have not increased my prices. So, there you have my sales offer to you! Take a look. I do not care if they ever sell. The prices of Fenton Plated Amberina are continually raising and will do so until someone makes a purchase which sets the price at "what the market will bear".

***Look for Victorian (to 1885) and Edwardian Period (son of Victoria, 1885 to WWI, 1914) canary yellow uranium glass; 1905 start of addition of opalescent glass added with uranium; 1930 begins the addition of iron oxide which results in green tinted yellow uranium glass coined by public as Vaseline Glass. Great deal for feedback customers.
Understand canary yellow uranium glass, (English and US) made 1885 to 1905. 1905, US glass makers start laying layers of translucent glass on top of transparent glass in mold and re-firing the glass to create canary yellow opalescent uranium glass. And as mentioned above, Vaseline did not start into production until 1930 in the US. Just the addition of iron oxide, as a colorant making the glass appear green tinted. Iron oxide is used today as a colorant in our prescription medications. Uranium is florescent under long wave ultra violet light or black light because of its chemistry and not the radio active isotopes. Meaning, the electrons from each atom that orbit the neutron and protons jiggle when exposed to UV long wave light, black light, (including daylight). This jiggling is perceived by our brains through our eyes as the glass piece is glowing brightly, either bright yellow or yellow with green tinting. Other glass that contains uranium i.e. satinized white glass, green opalescent glass, blue opalescent glass, burmese glass and others. Ruby Lane has all the glass containing uranium under vaseline glass in their search engine. Fenton was the only glass company to start making glass with uranium in 1907 calling it Topaz Opalescent.
Most of the uranium used by glass makers had a very low geiger counter reading of about 300 to 400. Where English glass, i.e. Cambridge, had a reading of around 1300. One would have to take a sharp knife and splay glass fragments with it, for quite a while, in order to be exposed to the radio active isotopes.(Not likely to happen.) Additionally, without the readings, one can assume depletion of radioactive isotopes in the uranium. There is a great $14 plus dollar black light at Amazon. It has a waffle lens, 6 inches in length,and it is weighted so the user is less likely to drop it. The waffle lens appears to create more shimmering of the uranium glow than an ordinary lens cover. (I can recommend this one as I bought one on Amazon after researching).

So look for the pieces in the shop in October. If you are not a feedback customer and do not qualify for the discount, make me an offer.

I was able to purchase, finally, after a 3 weeks wait, what I consider to be the most prized piece of Fenton Plated Amberina, made in 1964', the two part electric courting lamp. It's perfect, flawless and timeless. It will be heavily discounted for Feedback Customers. Don't miss out. Take a look at the FAGCA items - Gorgeous Plum Opalescent Lace Trimmed Tri-Corner Ftd Stipple Ray Bon Bon at Seller cost. $85 dollars. Rose Burmese HP PCE Hat; Lg Satin Blue Burmese 7 in x 5.5 in vase ribbed; 20% off New Century Burmese Floral & Grape Lg Bell (gorgeous already reduced) Price increase on newly classified rarities after sale: Burmese Scene Fairy Lamp 15% off; 9.5 inch sm. edge narrow tapered vase - B/G Adventurine ; any 7.5 inch Rose/Blue Mist Basket 20% off; 15% off 12 oz Autumn Adventurine Syrup jug; Be aware. Rose/Green Adventurine is cased with crystal and not glass as is the case with Blue/Green Adventurine. If you find it priced at a low price, I recommend you grab it. Not a lot of buyers are aware that the rose/green is "crystal cased on the outer layer.

Discounted for Feedback Customers Only - Starts after 9/7/16 - Use the Lay-A-Way Option
1988 to 1930 Opalescent Glass from Jefferson, Model Flint, US National and Northwood. Get yourself a reference book. Some items moved to Fenton Rarities category: 1958 All White Silver Crest Spanish Lace: Footed candy dish with Lid,(in store at original listing, will incr to rarity price), 1958, 12 inch Silver Crest Fan Vases, (in store at original listing price) 71/2" triangular bent single crimped top edge vases, 7" PCE baskets; Short Run Production of Rosalene RE, 1979; Blue Burmese UB 1983 - 1984 "Queen of Collectibles; Dot and Flute vase, discounted; Gorgeous Cranberry Flip Vase on gold glass base HP, discounted for feedback customers now; Victorian 1987, antique large Cranberry Water Pitcher with upright single crimp edge and Frit total covering, discounted for feedback customers now (it's never discounted). Anything commemorating Louise Piper, re-known designer for Fenton, who started in 1968, is selling for up to $200 dollars. Decorated milk glass, satin glass etc under Piper's tenure. The amethyst opalescent 4 inch ruffled vase, family signing event piece, 2005. It lists for $129 dollars but can be found for $70 dollars, Free Shipping. This is definitely an investment grade Fenton item. Amethyst opalescence is the first glass Frank Fenton used when he stopped buying blanks to paint and started making his own glass. This 4 inch piece represents the last item Fenton ever made with amethyst opalescence glass. It's a gorgeous ruffled, rib optic, purple glass vase. Also, discontinued in late 1950s, Fenton Diamond Lace Blue Opalescent DC edge one horn and DC Bowl on stem and dome discounted for feedback customers now. Fenton gorgeous Ruby Amberina Hobnail Swung Pitcher with Amber Handle slightly raised based.
***User friendly lay-a-away: no interest; 6 months; 15% down; miss 1 month, no worry; Financial disaster: all funds returned: give 10 day notice.
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