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About Bright Moon Jewelry

Our Service Pledge
Email inquiries and purchase orders are answered promptly. Quality and craftsmanship and your complete satisfaction with each item are guaranteed.
About Us
The compelling, unique color combinations in my designs are intended to be life-affirming and to add joy to someone's jewelry collection. They are not to be found anywhere else as the materials have been collected for years, from world-wide sources. Most of my designs I only make once. However, it's only you who can bring out the full beauty of my gemstone creations. When a woman puts on a piece of jewelry that suits her perfectly, magic happens.........and that magical quality is what Bright Moon Jewelry continues to be about!

A little about my jewelry career:

Making jewelry was never a hobby for me - I sold the second piece I ever made....(I kept and still wear the first) and never looked back - I've been making a living with jewelry for a long time, starting with many years in San Francisco and now in the Pacific Northwest. What keeps me inspired is the amazing people I have met through my work, many in person, many online, and knowing that through them my jewelry creations are being worn and enjoyed all over the globe is a thrill to me. I have extreme gratitude for the support and appreciation I've received for my work here on Ruby Lane so far.

All of the necklace, earring and bracelet designs which I offer to you are conceived of, composed and crafted by me, using genuine gemstones and sterling silver, gold fill and gold vermeil. Each piece has a full description of its components. I'm happy to answer questions and to make adjustments at no extra charge when possible.

My promise to you:
Each of my jewelry creations is fully guaranteed to delight and enhance your own individual beauty for years to come.... I want you to be more than satisfied with anything you purchase from me and will do my best to achieve that goal. Thanks for spending your shopping time with me and I look forward to hearing from you!

Susan U.
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