Authentic American Country Antiques of the 18th & 19Th Century.

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All orders are shipped within two business days upon receipt of payment. All items are guaranteed to be as stated in the description as to age, condition and originality. Should an item not meet customers expectations, let me know for return at customers expense. Items MUST be returned within 3 days in the same condition as item was in when shipped by seller.
About Us
Welcome to Bradford White American Country!

Hello everyone, I have grown up all my life surrounded by antiques and inherited the bug from my parents. My interests encompass 18th and 19th century Americana and folk art to include painted furniture, quilts, baskets, treen-ware, red ware, yellow ware, mocha, Shaker, stoneware, weathervanes, carvings, trade signs, iron, toleware...list goes on and on... ORIGINAL PAINT, not paint applied in the 1970's and 80's when painted surfaces became the "in" thing, are a passion and what I have studied all my life 45 plus years of buying and selling. I am a "picker" at heart, love finding neat things of above average condition and originality. My personal collection is very "focused" but I continue to buy great items that just merit it. I remain a "picker", and enjoy buying and selling to collectors and other dealers of like mind. Some of the items I list come from estates, some from old collections, and some from other pickers I know. Check out my listings for items that have that something special about them and make them better than average, in my opinion. I guarantee each item to be as represented with a money back guarantee and I am always willing to talk antiques with anyone and help them in their collecting . Stop by often, spend some time viewing my selection of fine American country antiques, for you never know what rarities you might find listed. Have a great day and happy and successful hunting."Love the Hunt", Brad